A drunk mistake

Makayla has always loved one direction, but she always hated the crazed fans. One day, on her way to school, she sees a crowd of girls chasing no other than... One Direction. She was quite happy to see One Direction in her town. She got out of her red mustang, and headed to the crowd. She helped 1D out by stopping the crowd. 1D and makayla ended up being close. Especially Louis, Makayla and Harry. What will happen when Harry and Makayla start dating? What will happen when they fall in love? When Harry goes on tour, and is found drunk with another girl, making out, on the news, what will Makayla do?


3. Meeting the Boys


                                                                                  Makayla's P. O. V.


When the door flew open, I couldn't believe what I saw. Was this how they always acted? Louis and Niall were jumping on the sofas and through the air while shooting Nerf guns, Liam was cleaning up popcorn and cheese curls that Zayn was throwing everywhere. The house was a mess but it looked fun. I looked at Harry and he looked a bit embarrassed.

" BOYS! " Harry yells. They all look up and immediately run to us. Louis was first. "Hi! I am Louis! So nice to meet you" He said and pulled me in for a hug causing me to giggle. " you too" I said shyly. Louis was really cool. I love how he isn't afraid to act like a 4 year old. Its funny. Then it was Liam. "  Hello, im Liam" he said and shaked my hand. I nodded and then it was Niall. " Hi, I am Niall...I've never really seen someone quite as beautiful as you." He blushes and kisses my hand. I immediately turn red. I saw out of the corner of my eye, Harry was glaring at Niall. I giggled. " Hello im Zayn." Zayn said and shook my hand.

After we introduced each other we decided to watch a movie. "what movie, 21 jump street or Warm bodies?" Louis asked. It was tied up to the boys so Louis turned to me and said " we need your vote." I shrugged and said " I like them both.". "you HAVE to pick!" Louis said. " ermm... 21 jump street." I said and then Niall, Harry and Louis jumped up in excitement. I giggled at how childish they were acting. " See this is why I like this girl!" Louis squealed and picked me up for a bear hug. Niall joined in and then it was a group hug over me. "ugh, guys...I cant....breath!" I said. They all let go. "sorry" they laughed as Louis put the DVD in. They had this really long couch. It was Liam then Zayn then Louis then Niall then me and then Harry. We all were laughing so much!

When the movie ended I said I had to go because it was late. "Aww don't go" Louis begged as I got up from the couch. "I want you to stayyyy" he sang like Rihanna and holding onto my hand causing me to laugh. " I have school tomorrow." I said. " We can drive you" Niall said. " ermm. no my school has lots of directioners and they will mob you" I said, its the truth though. " so. Please stay the night" Niall begged holding onto my leg like a kid. " yes, love! Please stay" Harry begged also. Everyone started begging.  I laughed. " but I have a dog to feed at home" I protested. But I was considering staying the night.

"then we can take you home so you can feed him and get clothes." Zayn said.

" where would I even sleep" I asked. " with me obviously" Harry said cheekily. " Ermmm...no I don't think I could trust you" I chuckled. He laughed and said " we will figure it out on the way." "ok" I said. "So its a yes!" Louis squealed and then Niall said "yayy" while still holding on to my legs. "ok now Niall let go of the girl" Liam chuckled. Niall obeyed and blushed a bit.


                                                                          Niall's P. O. V.


I cant help it. I honestly think she is really beautiful and nice, but I don't like her like that. I hope we have the best relationship ever! We are going to be best friends. " Niall let go of the girl" Liam said. I saw Harry glaring at me because I WAS acting a bit like I liked her since the time she was here for. I let go and Makayla giggled. Honestly I do like her laugh its adorable but I am not attracted to  her like that. Yes she is beautiful but I don't like her like that. Then Harry took her hand in his and they left.



                                                                             Harry's P. O. V.


 When we got to her house she invited me in. " now hold on 1 second, I will have to hold on to Kato. But he wont hurt you, he is my goof ball." she said and then walked inside. She grabbed Kato and signaled me that I was aloud to pet him. Kato was really big. I mean REALLY BIG! " He is so big." I said nervously petting him. " don't be nervous Harry, he smells fear." She said trying to hold in a smile. I still was afraid so I jerked my hand back. "are you okay buy, you don't seem to happy like usual." She said taking his face in her hands. Then he just licked her whole face causing her to make an eww face. I laughed and laughed. " don't make me tell Kato to eat you" she snapped but playfully. I immediately stopped. That dog frightened me. " what kind of dog is he?" I asked standing up. " he is a pure breed Akita" she replied proudly. " He is my baby" she said kissing him on the nose. " wait, I thought I was your baby." I acted as if I was hurt. She giggled. " ok so lets take a tour." she said and we walked to the living room. Kato followed and looked at me. I don't think this dog likes me.

" living room" she said.

"kitchen" she said and then we headed to her dads room. " my dads room, but he is on a business trip for a while" she added. Then we went to her room. " and this is my room" she said. "I have to go to the bathroom. Don't snoop around my room!" she said and then scolded me. I chuckled. She walked through the hallway and took a look at me, and said " I'm watching you". this made me laugh.

That's funny that she thinks even though she told me not to snoop around that I wont. got up and looked around. She had 1 or 2 posters of me and the boys. I looked in her drawers and I found her delicates. I am such a pervert! I looked around in it and saw that she had black lace underwear and bra. My eyes immediately popped out of my head as I imagined her in them. Honestly I got hard. " HARRY!" she gasped. Crap, I got caught. I grinned innocently. Her face turned red in anger and embarrassment. " I think I would like to see you in this" I said holding the pair up. Her face turned even redder. She walked towards me and threw the pair I had in the drawer and slammed it shut. She turned to me in anger. " I told you not to snoop around!" she said. " I'm sorry love." I chuckled. She then saw my 'buddy downstairs' rise. "Harry put that away" she said trying to calm down. " Put what away?" I asked cheekily. She pointed to it. I chuckled.

" I got to change and pack so get out." she commanded. " you can change here I don't mind." I said wriggling my eyebrows. " Harry get out before I kill you" she replied. I laughed and laughed while walking out.


                                                                              Makayla's P. O. V.


Sometimes Harry is to cheeky. I put my pajamas on. I had my Elmo pajama shorts on and a red tank top. I then packed my clothes for tomorrow. I then walked out. Harry was sitting on the couch while Kato wouldn't allow him up, as he glared at Harry. I giggled as I walked down the steps. Harry was really still and scared. " Kato leave the boy alone" I told Kato. Kato immediately jumped on me. I laughed as he licked me. " Get off." I demanded and he got off and ran to the room. " Thank you for saving my life" Harry joked helping me up. " yup" I said and picked my stuff up.

" At least Kato and I both have something in common." he said while driving.

" And what is that?" I asked. He looked at me cheekily and said " we both like licking". How could Harry say that! " what the heck Harry!?" I screamed. I couldn't help it, but my cheeks were red. He chuckled. " oh my god! You are NOT getting it in!" I yelled. "ok ok" he laughed. Thank god we got to his house.

I opened the door and got out the car. Harry walked up to the door and opened it. We walked inside and everyone ran to us. "Sleepoverrr!" Louis screamed. " I still have to go to school tomorrow morning" I announced. They looked a little sad. " Then maybe we can do a sleepover on Friday night." Liam suggested. " ok sure"  replied. "Woop woop!" everyone said in unison and I laughed.

" so what do you guys do at your sleepovers?" I asked because I was bored. Everyone immediately got weird. " ermm, at sleepovers....we...umm...play games." Zayn said nervously. Oh now I get it! They play 'games' meaning sex. " oh well I am not playing any 'games'." I said putting air quotations around games. They chuckled, mostly Harry. " so what do you want to do?" I asked. They shrugged. " Is that all you guys do, play games!?" I asked. They chuckled and nodded. " We get fun on the weekends though. We would have fun tonight but since you have to wake up early in the morning we cant." Louis said. I looked at everyone and my eyes landed on Zayn's hair. " I have an idea! Zayn and I are going to do each others hair!" I squealed and grabbed Zayn's hand and rushed to the bathroom. Zayn suddenly got excited and said "yay!".

                                                                          *in the bathroom*

" ok Zayn, I will do your hair first. then its my turn. I trust you with my hair only because you take good care of your hair. Do you understand?" I asked him. He nodded his head. " ok so I'm going to make the front of your hair stick out a bit in front of you, instead of it standing up." I said putting hair gel in his hair. " Ok fine with me." he said. I worked on his hair and then I said " close your eyes. I am putting hair spray in your hair." I said. But the only thing was that I had to stand in the middle of his legs. " ok " he said and closed his eyes. I sprayed it and then said " open up" and he did. He smiled at me. I smiled back. I dropped the hair spray can and I bent down to get it. I could feel eyes on me. Well isn't this awkward. I put the can on the table and showed him a mirror.

" oh my god! Makayla I LOVE IT!" he screamed and then hugged me. " thank you " I said. " no thank you. Actually you should start doing my hair for interviews and stuff." he said. " ok" I replied. " ok now its your turn." He said. " ok." I said and sat down where he was. " ok so honey, I'm going to give you a whole new look." He said like a gay guy causing me to laugh. He laughed to. " ok les get to work." He said and turned me around to do it.


                                                                              Zayn's P. O. V.


I did think she was pretty. I mean just look at her. Bright blue eyes, dirty blonde hair that falls below the waist and nice tan skin. She is a perfect definition of beautiful. but I wont do anything because Harry is my mate so I don't want to make him upset with me.

She dropped the can and bent down to pick it up. Her pajama shorts were short so when she bent down I saw a little bit of her bum. It made me hard but I tried to hide it. She is so nice, I just want to be friends though.

She showed me my new hair and I honestly loved it.

Then it was my turn, I was doing a waterfall braid. When I was done she looked awesome. I spinned her around in the chair and said " open up.". She did and her moth flew open. " oh my gawd Zayn! I love it thank you!" she said jumping into my arms and hugging me. I laughed and said "No problem, love.". I then said " are you ready to show everyone?" and she nodded. " I will announce that we are coming." I said and went down the hall. I hid behind the wall and said " we are coming to show our hair!" and then I popped out. " Makayla did my hair." I said and everyone stood with their mouths open. " its awesome!" everyone squealed.

" Now I will show you my master piece, Makayla come out."


                                                                                      Harry's P. O. V.

When Makayla came out, her hair was beautiful, she was beautiful. She did a twirl that took my breath away. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. " oh my god! I have to take a picture of this to remember out first night together." Louis announced and pulled his phone out. Zayn and Makayla did a cool pose where their arms were crossed and backs leaned against each other. I was getting jealous. Zayn and Makayla started getting close quickly.

Louis snapped the picture and ran to look at it. " we look hot." Zayn said. Did he just call her hot!? I don't like this. I grabbed Makayla and sat her down on my lap. " She's mine!" I said. Makayla giggled and everyone laughed. " its about time for me to go to bed" she said. It was already 11:00 pm. " ok come follow me. " I said leading her to my room.

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