A drunk mistake

Makayla has always loved one direction, but she always hated the crazed fans. One day, on her way to school, she sees a crowd of girls chasing no other than... One Direction. She was quite happy to see One Direction in her town. She got out of her red mustang, and headed to the crowd. She helped 1D out by stopping the crowd. 1D and makayla ended up being close. Especially Louis, Makayla and Harry. What will happen when Harry and Makayla start dating? What will happen when they fall in love? When Harry goes on tour, and is found drunk with another girl, making out, on the news, what will Makayla do?


19. Lazer Tag

                                                                  Makayla's POV

 I woke up with a big weight on my stomach. My heart began to race because I wasn't in my room, but then I remembered last night. I looked down and studied his perfect facial features. I took my finger and started lightly tracing along his lips, then cheeks, eyes, forehead and nose. He was so beautiful, so why would people call him ugly, and dumb and stuff. He's smarter then them! Now that is just one of the reasons why I hate people.

When I stopped and rested m hand back on the bed, his right eye  opened. I looked over and he closed it, trying to act like he's still sleeping. I giggled at his child like behavior. " I know your awake." I whispered. " Why'd you stop?' He groaned. I giggled before tracing his face with my finger again. He hummed. His eyes would flutter whenever I went over his eyelids. " I cant do this all day, my arms' already getting tired." I whined, jokingly. He chuckled. He opened his eyes and looked up at me. I stared into his big green eyes, looking like he's a lost puppy. He kept staring at me, making me feel insecure. I looked away and he pecks my jaw. " Thank you for staying with me last night." He said. I smiled and pecked his lips. "No problem." I say and try to get up, but he pulls me close. " Stay. Its to early." He groaned. Wow that was hot. " Its 12:00" I giggled and he rolled off of the bed.

" Okay, so first, how about, putting some boxers on." I suggested jokingly and he chuckled. " Why? I know you like it." He smirked while hopping into his boxers. " Whatever." I rolled my eyes. " Im going to make something to eat for everyone. " I announced an went downstairs. I grabbed some eggs, and some bacon, and pancakes.

I set everything on the counter. " Can I help?" Harry asks coming in the kitchen, with his sweat pants hung so low on his hips, his v line visible. I gulped as I stared. He smirked and came up to me. " Im not really hungry for pancakes. Something else is on my mind." He smirked. I gasped and he pulled me into him and attached our lips. I ran my hands up and down his torso and then back up to his hair. He picked me up and put me on the counter, standing in between my legs. He went down to my neck, sucking hard and probably leaving a hickey. I moaned his name. " H-Harry. As much as I want to. I have to make breakfast." I groaned. He pulled away and scowled me. " They can just get McDonalds." He growled and I giggled. He went to go back to my lips but I pulled his face in for a peck on the lips and jumped off the counter.

He huffed and leaned his back on the counter. Since he wanted to act like a baby, I wanted to mess with him. I turned to him with an innocent look. " How about a blow job." I suggested. He widened his eyes and he flushed, nodding vigorously. I smirked and so did he. I ran my fingers slowly down his torso and slower onto his v line. His bulge in his pants was only growing bigger. "Fuck." He moaned. " Im not even doing it yet." I giggled and he said " It feels good anyway."

I bent down on my knees and looked at him. He looked so vulnerable. I slid my hand up his thigh slowly and got to the hem of the sweatpants. I put my hand in his pants pulled them down. Then I quickly shot up and he widened his eyes. " Next time don't act like a baby." I whispered seductively into his ear and backed away with a smirk evident on my face. He glared at me and if looks could kill, I'd be buried. He picked his pants up and ran upstairs and when he was half way to the top I called out " Don't worry! I'll make it up tonight." and smirked as I finished breakfast.

~ At the laser tag ~

He put his vest on and so did I. " You look so hot in all that gear." He moaned. I laughed. " So do you." I said and winked. He gulped and I could tell he was most likely turned on. "Start!" The announcer person called. I ran and hid behind the wall. " I'll find you." I heard him whisper to himself from the left of me behind the wall. I quickly shot him and ran. He gasped. "Haha" I teased as I hid behind another wall. I crawled to the opposite wall and ducked. Suddenly my buzzer went off, and I looked up to see a smirking Harry. "Haha" He said in the same tone I did.

Its been so long since I played Laser Tag. I went with my cousin when I was 11 once. That was a long time ago. But I still remembered the tricks he taught me. This is the best date ever though! Im always used to the movie dates and stuff. This is different but I love it.

When we were done Harry had 21 kills and I had 19. " I won!" He said and raised his hands in victory. I stuck my tongue out at him and he laughed. " I was only 3 kills away." I crossed my arms as I said that. " But im the beast." He said. He never says 'beast'. " That sounds like something I would say." I laugh.

We were so exhausted from the 2 hour long running, ducking, crawling date. It was fun though. " That was the best date ever!" I squealed as he parked the car in front of my house. " Yeah, but the messed up thing is that you have to go to a barbecue tomorrow morning. I thought I was getting some tonight." He grumbled. " Tomorrow afternoon, and night." I suggested. " Twice?" He asked holding up two fingers. " Only if you want to." I smirked. " Oh god. Yes! Now I have to jerk off, so bye." He said, pushing me out of the car. " No kiss?" I growled. " Oh yeah, forgot." He said and leaned in. " Nope, you ruined it." I said and laughed as I walked inside. I texted him

'be carful. don't jerk off while driving." and laughed.

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