A drunk mistake

Makayla has always loved one direction, but she always hated the crazed fans. One day, on her way to school, she sees a crowd of girls chasing no other than... One Direction. She was quite happy to see One Direction in her town. She got out of her red mustang, and headed to the crowd. She helped 1D out by stopping the crowd. 1D and makayla ended up being close. Especially Louis, Makayla and Harry. What will happen when Harry and Makayla start dating? What will happen when they fall in love? When Harry goes on tour, and is found drunk with another girl, making out, on the news, what will Makayla do?


5. Jay meeting the boys


                                                          Harry's P. O. V.


While I was driving home I couldn't help but feel upset. I discovered why she seemed depressed and the cuts. I needed to inform Louis about this since he is the one who noticed. But this is messed up! I hope she sticks to our promise because what if she did it again and it went to deep? I would never see her again. I cant even imagine that and I honestly don't want to. I already developed some deep feelings for her that I never really felt for a girl.

I walked through the door and immediately the boys came over to me. " how did it got with Makayla?" Niall asked. " good. " I replied throwing my keys onto the counter. " Louis, I found out something." I announced and pulled him into my bedroom. " what?" he asked confused. " remember you said she was depressed about something." I said. " oh yeah! Was my theory correct?" he asked, sitting on my bed. " actually, yes. It turns out her mother died 3 years ago. She had cancer. And...." I trailed off. Louis looked upset when I gave him the news and before I could finish he asked concerned " Is Makayla okay?". I replied with a nod of my head. " okay, good, because I don't know what I would do if my sweetie pie was depressed." he said. " anyway, what else." he said. " ermm, I kind of found out something." I said scratching the back of my neck. " what?" he asked. " she.. used to cut. She had cut marks all up and down her arms." I informed him. He gasped and then looked down. He was immediately upset. " that must be why she always wears long sleeves." he announced. " yeah." I said. " well I told her to promise me to not cut again and she did and then we kind of.." I trailed off. " Had a hot make out session in the car." I said chuckling. He looked up and grinned. " you guys are to much." he laughed, causing me to do the same. " Ok, boys we have to go to the interview." Liam announced putting his phone in his pocket. We walked out and got into the limo which was parked outside.

                                                                       - 4 hours later -


The boys and I had to go to an interview so when I got home I looked at my phone to see I got a text from Makayla. I opened them up and read it.

From: Makayla

" hey, Jay wants to meet you and the boys tomorrow. " I read it. Jay is pretty cool, even though he is gay. Not that there is anything wrong with gay guys.

To: Makayla

" sorry I couldn't answer sooner I was at an interview, I can pick you guys up tomorrow around 3 and we could come back to my place." I replied and she replied with an 'ok I cant wait'

After  a while I felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier and soon I fell into a deep sleep.


                                                                             Makayla's P. O. V.

When I woke up I immediately jumped out of bed and got on my phone.  I texted Jay to be ready in an hour so Harry could come pick us up. Even though its only 1.

Jay was at my house around 2:30. " do I look ok?" he asked turning around.  I giggled and said " yes you look fine.", he gave me a scold. " fine!? I look fine!?" and threw his arms everywhere. I giggled again before saying " ok Jay you look hot! better?" I asked. " thank you." he said sitting down. " omg I cant wait!!!" he squealed. " calm down they are normal people." I said placing my hand on his shoulder to calm him. He took a deep breath to calm himself.

                                                                                    - 3:00 -

At exactly 3, there was a knock on the door. " right on time" I said walking out the door with Jay behind me. " hello beautiful." Harry said. " oh gosh, hi" Jay said waving his hand at him. It was obvious harry was talking to me. I chuckled and so did Harry. " well I was talking too Makayla but you look cool too." Harry chuckled. " Hi" I said before getting into his car. " so Jay, are you excited to meet everyone because they are about you." Harry said looking through the mirror to Jay.  I gave him a ' you don't even got to ask him that ' look. " oh my gawd! they are excited to see me?" Jay squealed. " Yup." Harry said. He had one hand on the wheel and then one hand made its way to mine and he intertwined them. I felt my face get heated. I looked down and Harry took my hand and kissed it. " Aww you guys are too cute!" Jay squealed. Jay squeals a lot I know. Harry blushed and looked down in his lap and then back to the road. " you are so cute when you blush." I said pinching his cheeks. He laughed.

We finally arrived to the house and Jay was a little hype. A little hype, more like a lot of hype. Even saying that is an understatement. " Jay calm down babe." I said holding his arm. " I cant! I am about to meet 4 of the hottest guys in the world! I already met one. Now 4 more. Do I look okay?" He said quickly. " Jay you look hot okay." I answered and he calmed down a bit. Harry's face had a pinch of hurt and jealousy in it, so I gave him a ' don't even ask' look.

He opened the door. Jay was behind me and I was behind Haz. " everyone! Jay and Makayla are here!" Harry announced. Everyone rushed to the door. Jay looked so excited but he stayed calm. " HI I'm Liam." Liam shook his hand. " Jay." He replied. Then it went down the line.
" Hey Makayla!"  Everyone said. " heyyyy" I said. " There is my leather girl" Zayn said opening his arms for a hug. I giggled. I gave everyone a hug. " There is my Irish leprechaun!" I said running into Niall's arms. " That's my girl!" Niall chuckled. " hey! she is MY girl!" Harry exclaimed and picked me up and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed and Niall laughed. This whole time Jay and Louis were talking about style. It was funny.

Harry and I decide to just talk alone in the living room. "so" I said. " so " he replied. " I think its adorable when you blush because your dimples pop out" I said poking his dimples. " I am not supposed to be adorable, I'm supposed to be sexy." he said cheekily. I rolled my eyes and laughed. " well, don't you think I'm sexy?" He said with raised eye brows and a smirk. " ermm, I don't know..." I said acting as if it was a hard question. He then came closer to me and put me on his lap. Then he started tickling my sides. " o-ok I thi-think you are se-sexy!" I laughed. " there you go!" Harry exclaimed and threw his arms around me while giving me pecks all over my face. I laughed and laughed. " WHOAH! YOU KNOW THERE ARE ROOMS RIGHT!?" Louis screamed and threw his hand to shield his eyes like a 4 year old. I started to laugh more.

Then we pretty much just crashed at there place for the rest of the day until we went back home.



I am sorry I haven't updated in a long time :( I have been really busy. sorry again

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