A drunk mistake

Makayla has always loved one direction, but she always hated the crazed fans. One day, on her way to school, she sees a crowd of girls chasing no other than... One Direction. She was quite happy to see One Direction in her town. She got out of her red mustang, and headed to the crowd. She helped 1D out by stopping the crowd. 1D and makayla ended up being close. Especially Louis, Makayla and Harry. What will happen when Harry and Makayla start dating? What will happen when they fall in love? When Harry goes on tour, and is found drunk with another girl, making out, on the news, what will Makayla do?


12. Dad, this is Harry


                                                                    Makayla's P O. V.

I had to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning. I hate waking up this early, but its for my dad, so its worth it. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and hair. Then washed my face to get the make up started. I have to look perfect if im in public. I applied some mascara and foundation. Then some lip gloss and it looked good. I went to my room and texted Harry, since he wanted to come. ' Hey babe. I'll be ready in an hour.' I texted. A few minutes later I received a reply. ' K beautiful xx ' he replied.

I chose black skinny jeans, black tank top and a black leather jacket to go over it. I love leather jackets!!! Anyway, I put that on and slid on my black leather girly combat boots. They aren't the tall ones that make you taller (Im not talking bout high heels, im talking about the ones that are long on the bottom. Hard to explain ) I hate them kind. I then put my hair in a French braid and then went downstairs. I waited for Harry and then he arrived. I walked out the door. My dad's flight will be landing in 30 minutes! " Hey " I said giving him a hug. " Hey, beautiful. You ready? " He asked. I could tell he was nervous because he kept fidgeting. I placed my hand n his and put in my lap as he drove. " You don't have to be nervous." I said. " ermm, Yeah I do! He's your dad. Your his little girl! He isn't going to trust me, and it doesn't make it any better that im famous." He babbled. I giggled. " Look, my dad, he is intimidating at first but once he gets to know you, trust me, he'll love you." I said placing a kiss on the back of his hand. He chuckled because that's what he does. I laughed with him.

When we arrived I walked hand in hand with him. Sometimes I would give him a kiss on the cheek to calm him down. When we got inside, there suddenly was a about 30 girls. Since we had about 15 minutes until he landed, we took pictures. When we were done we waited at the place. ( lol I don't know). " Makayla?" He called out. We were sitting In the chairs. " yeah?" I asked. " Why are you so perfect?" He asked. That shocked me. " I-I'm not p-perfect." I stuttered. He looked at me like I was crazy. " Yes you are! Like, seriously. You are so nice to the  fans. Your sweet to everyone you meet. Your beautiful, your -" I cut him off by hugging him. " I love you, so much Harry. Im so lucky to have you." I said. He wrapped his arms around me. " No. Im the lucky one." He said and kissed me on the head.

" Flight 109 now landing." The announcer person called. " That's us" I said and got up. We walked over, and there came dad through the doors. " Daddy!" I squealed and ran in his arms. " Makayla!" He said in the same tone. " How was it? Your trip and the flight?" I asked. He chuckled and told me everything. Then Harry walked up and his smile faded. " Who's this?" He asked. " Dad, This is Harry." I said. " Harry Styles. Very nice to meet you Mr. Zane." He said shaking my dads hand. " Harry Styles? Your the famous guy?" he asked in confusion. " Yes sir. " He smiled. " Dad, he's my boyfriend." I said grabbing Harry's arm. My dad looked shocked. " Boyfriend?" He asked. " This is all overwhelming. We are going to talk about this later. Right now I just want to go to bed." He said. I chuckled.

                                                             ~ Next Day ~

I went to the kitchen to feed Kato. Dad was in there to. " Hey" I said. " Hey darling. Now about that boy." He said leaning on the counter. " What about him?" I asked, smiling at the mention of him. Dad must've notice because he asked " You really like him don't you?" and I answered " Dad. Im... in love with him." I said and his eyes widened. " Makayla. This is what I was afraid of. Don't you understand? He's a famous boy in a boy band. Your just a normal girl. What do you think is going to happen when he has to go on tour? " He asked putting his coffee on the table. I thought about it. " Well... ugh... its fine, he loves me and I love him. So we will work it out." I said. He gave me a weak smile. " You better be careful with this boy. Yes he seems like a gentlemen, but still." He said. "Alright." I said

I walked out as dad went upstairs. I was about to text Harry, when I remembered he had a autograph signing today. I put my phone down. " I cant wait until Jay gets home!" I whispered to myself. Then I realized I could hang out with Justin. I texted him and all in all we were going to hang out at the park. I got ready since he was going to pick me up any minute.


                                                                   Harry's P. O. V.


I was signing a lot of peoples stuff. All of them having questions about Makayla and I. Then a girl came up to me an said, " I don't know whose luckier, Makayla that she got you, or you because you got her." She said. I smiled. " Im definitely the lucky one." I said smiling from ear to ear. The girl smiled back. Wow. She was... hot. But I think Makayla is the best. She is definitely a 1 in a quadrillion! If its a number. I smile at my thoughts.

I cant wait to just go home and take a nap. Im so tired.

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