Before I Die

After losing both of her parents and walking straight into a life of bullying, Allison one day collapses on the sidewalk in the cold winter snow.
When she wakes up at the hospital, she wakes up to a smiling face. But what she didn't know was that the unknown boy was the famous Justin Bieber.
She'd promised herself to never trust anyone but Samantha (her best friend) but will Justin change everything? And what happens when she finds out the truth and gets dragged straight into the spotlight?


18. The Arrival

Justin's POV

The next morning I woke up to the sunlight peeking in. I immediately remembered last night – we were up late, looking at the stars, joking and talking. If we could spend every day like that, it would be perfect. My phone bleeped – I just got a text from Scooter.

‘Remember the meeting in two hours – we’ll pick you up at 2 pm.’

Then I remembered the meeting.

“Allison, wake up.” I shook her thin body lightly ‘til she opened her eyes.

“Hmm…?” Her hair was spread around her head and her eyes were just half open.

“We need to go and get ready, the meeting is in just two hours.” Her eyes popped open and she started to pack things up. “Some other people will clean this okay?” I grabbed her hand and we started to walk down the hill to the car they’d left for us.


Allison’s POV

When we arrived back to Justin’s home I ran upstairs to fix my makeup and find clothes. I just grabbed random jeans and the first shirt that I could see. It didn’t look too ugly, but it wasn’t the most beautiful combination either in my opinion. Now I was just getting mentally prepared for everything that was coming – I’d never been to anything like that before so I had no idea what it would be like at all.

When I was done I walked into Justin’s room and stood by the door. He could see that something was bothering me badly.

“Hey, babe, what’s wrong?” He took his t-shirt and came to give me a hug. I was too freaked out to return it so I just stood there like stone.

“I’m just nervous, that’s all.” I had my head leaning against his chest while his arms were wrapped around my body.

“Don’t be. I’ll be there the whole time and I won’t lose the grip of your hand.” He kissed my head and looked me in the eyes.

“Promise?” My arms were crossed and I looked at him even more intense.

“I promise.” He smiled and went to get ready. “Which sneakers should I put on today?”

I followed his voice into this huge wardrobe and saw many cool sneakers lined up against the wall. My look went to him real quick to see what he was wearing, and then I pointed at some purple ones.

“Lovely choice.” He gave me a quick kiss and we went downstairs. Scooter was supposed to be here in two minutes. I could feel my heart beating faster because of my nerves.

“Relax Alli, they will love you when they get to know. It just takes a little time.” He smiled at me.

Finally the doorbell rang and we knew it was time to leave. When we opened the door I was a little shocked – There were at least five security guards, three cars and some police officers.

“Go sit in the second car.” Scooter pointed at the middle one and we went in it.

Now the car started moving and I was almost breaking down – not even half way to the building, there was screaming girls running after the car.

The car stopped and I took a quick look out the window; there were security fences, screaming fans, officers, paparazzi’s, security guards and news reporters. The car in front of us opened the doors and out came our security guards to lead us through the crowd.

“Here” Justin gave me a cap and some shades. “Take them on.” I did as he said and smiled quickly before stepping out of the car. The lights was flashing and almost blinding me even though I had sunglasses and a cap. I could hear people screaming, asking questions and shouting. So many reporters were pushing microphones in my face. Justin tightened the grip of my hand and looked back at me forming ‘are you okay?’ with his lips. I just nodded and looked down at the ground again.

It felt like an eternity before we came in the building, but people tried to push the doors open, screaming inside. I was just about to take of my shades but Justin stopped me.

“Leave them on until they can’t see us.” He waved to the crowd, grabbed me by the waist and we started to walk up to the meeting room.

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