Before I Die

After losing both of her parents and walking straight into a life of bullying, Allison one day collapses on the sidewalk in the cold winter snow.
When she wakes up at the hospital, she wakes up to a smiling face. But what she didn't know was that the unknown boy was the famous Justin Bieber.
She'd promised herself to never trust anyone but Samantha (her best friend) but will Justin change everything? And what happens when she finds out the truth and gets dragged straight into the spotlight?


32. Secret Revealed

Samantha's POV

“What do you want Tab?” I slowly turned around to see her walking towards me in a slow pace.

“I want to talk to Allison.”

“About what?”

“About everything. She’s famous now.”

“Only as Justins girlfriend and I am extremely happy for her. She deserves it.” I was just about to turn around and walk away, but Tabitha wasn’t done yet.

“You know she’s getting signed, right? With L.A Reid. Just like Justin.” There was something in her eyes. It was evil mixed with the joy of seeing my surprised face.

“What do you mean?”

“She’s following Justin in to that world. Writing songs, recording, world tours… Guess you just were a shoulder to cry on when she needed it.” She took a break before continuing. “You know, I’ve always seen star quality in her. Allison is stunning. And her voice? I’d kill for it. She’ll become famous in no time, and I’m guessing that her first world tour will be within the next two years.”

“So what? It doesn’t mean she’ll ditch me.” My voice was shaking now when I’m even thinking about it. “I’m her best friend and she’s mine.”

“Well, I’m just saying that if I were you, I’d be prepared to get pushed away pretty soon. Bye Sam, see you tomorrow.”


Justin’s POV

I woke up the next morning with Allison still safe and sound next to me. She’s so damn cute when she’s asleep. I looked at her for a long while and for some reason I couldn’t look away. It was like my eyes were glued to her. Suddenly she started to wake up so I pretended to be asleep.

“Babe?” Her tired and a little cracking voice broke the silence. “Were you staring at me?”

Now I pretended to wake up and opened my eyes.

“What? No, I’m not such a creeper.”

“Don’t lie to me Justin. I saw you.” She gave me a grin and got out of bed. Her body was just covered with white panties and a tight, black t-shirt.

“Oh holy shit, too much sexiness for me to handle in the morning.” I smirked at her.

“Let’s be honest, when can you handle it?” Allison was getting dressed and pulled up her sweatpants to her waist.

“I can handle it at night.” A wink escaped and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yeah right.”

I got out of bed and pulled her close. Her face looked surprise because of the sudden change of behavior. “Justin, what are you doing?”

“You know, we don’t have to be downstairs just yet.”

“No, but in twenty minutes.” She took out a white t-shirt and threw it to me. “So I suggest you do as me – get ready.”

Well, she better be ready for tonight, because it’s going to be wild.


Allison’s POV

While I was walking downstairs with Justins hand in mine, I couldn’t help but think of Sam. I was so busy yesterday I barely could listen to how she’d been.

There’s probably so much going on right now. My face is literally everywhere; I even saw a guy on twitter with a tattoo of it. Luckily, the hate isn’t that bad anymore. They finally understood that you can’t separate me and my beloved Juju from each other – not like that.

“What’s on your mine sugar?” He moved his hand to my waist and pulled me closer before kissing my forehead. “Are you tired?”

“Not really, I’m just thinking.”

“It’s not Fredo is it? Because I swear to god, if he said something…”

“Justin, it’s not Fredo. You know what, I suggest you walk straight up to him now and talk everything out. I don’t want you being jealous of one of your best friends. And most important; I don’t want to be the reason to all of this tension. So please Justin, just sort it out.”

It was clear that he doubted a little bit so I had to continue somehow.

“Please babe. Do it for me?” I pulled his face closer to me and looked him straight in the eyes.

“Fine.” Justin said after a long while. “But just because of you babygirl.” And he was now walking towards Alfredo. I sat down next to Scooter, seeing them disappear from the corner of my eye. Please just let this go right.



Ohmygod, I haven’t written in over three months? I’m so sorry, I haven’t been inspired in so long. But you have given me so many more views than I could ever imagine. 760+? It’s crazy. Thank you so much. Christmas break is almost here, just some days left and I can’t wait! I still have to shop for some Christmas presents though.

And once again, I’m so sorry for this late update. I know I have been the worst and you’ve had to wait way too long for this. But if I can tease you a little, I can say that the next chapter will be dramafilled.

What are you, my lovely readers, planning to do this Christmas? When does your break start? And I’d love to know what you think of the newest chapter so far, and if you have any questions. I’ll answer as many as I can (:


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