Before I Die

After losing both of her parents and walking straight into a life of bullying, Allison one day collapses on the sidewalk in the cold winter snow.
When she wakes up at the hospital, she wakes up to a smiling face. But what she didn't know was that the unknown boy was the famous Justin Bieber.
She'd promised herself to never trust anyone but Samantha (her best friend) but will Justin change everything? And what happens when she finds out the truth and gets dragged straight into the spotlight?


11. Samantha

Allison’s POV

I woke up next morning with an empty spot next to me. Then my nightmare came back in flashbacks – it’s like something or someone’s trying to tell me that it’s going to happen. That Justin will abandon me and I’ll be left alone with nowhere to go and no one to turn to.

So I assure myself that I’ll kill myself if that’s going to happen. I can’t live alone – not anymore. Not after what happened. I’ve lived alone and lonely for so long. Now that I have two friends I can’t afford to lose them. Neither of them.

I walked downstairs and saw Justin reading a magazine.

“Goodmorning.” I had a weak smile on my face because I couldn’t stop thinking about the nightmare. It felt so real.

“Goodmorning beautiful.” He smiled at me and quickly shut the news he was reading.

“What are you reading?” I was pouring some orange juice in the purple cup before grabbing some butter and bread.

“Uh, no-nothing special..” Justin stuttered while looking down.

“Oh you’re reading Star Or No Star my favorite magazine! Can I see?” I smiled happily at him but he just looked at me. He’d never looked at me like that before. What was going on?

Well, maybe he just didn’t want me to read it. I decided to just ignore it and eat my breakfast with the newspaper instead.


Justin’s POV

I felt terrible. I couldn’t lie to her, it was impossible for me to do that. She just looked at me, with her beautiful multicolored eyes, tilting her head just a little to the side. The only thing I was trying to do was to find the proper words. But obviously I didn’t need to, because when I was back in the reality she’d already taken another magazine.

“What do you want to do today?” I tried to sound normal.

“I don’t know. How are you feeling?” She didn’t lift her sight from the newspaper.

“Still kind of bad… I don’t think I can go out. I’m sorry.” In case she wanted to visit the city, I said that. She is going to, but it’s the same day that I’ll tell her the truth about who I really am. Not that I’ve lied to her exactly but I just haven’t told the whole truth. It hurts my heart to know what’s waiting for her – many paparazzi’s with flashing cameras and people screaming. I still have to think about how I will do that day. Probably I have to double my security, but the most important is that I will be there for her – not let her out of my sight. Keep her as close to me as possible. I still have to talk to Scooter about this; he’ll probably know what to do so it goes as right as it can.

“I have to make a phone call, I’ll be back soon.” A little smile was placed on her lips when she lifted her sight from the long article about today’s teenagers.

“Okay.” Her eyes met mine and I was out of this world for a couple of seconds before crashing back to reality. I made my way to the living room and dialed Scooters number. After just some seconds he picked up the phone.

Hey man, what’s up?”  Scooter sounded like he always did.

“Hi, do you think you can drop by today? I need to talk to you, but bring dinner.” I looked out to the kitchen where Allison still sat and ate. My heart got a kick because I felt so bad. Am I really going to tell her that way?

“Okay I’ll be there in four hours. Actually it’s good that you called, ‘cause I need to talk to Allison.”

“Allison?” I tried to whisper so that she wouldn’t hear me. “Why do you need to talk to her?”

“Justin, do you really think that dragging her straight to the spotlight is the right way to tell her who you really are?” Scooter knew what I was thinking.

“That is exactly what I need to talk to you about, so don’t speak to Allison before you’ve talked to me, please?” I literally begged him not to talk to her yet.

“Okay man, good that you’ve been thinking the same. But I really have to go now, so I’ll see you later. Bye.”  I couldn’t respond before he hung up. Right now I was just grateful that he’d thought about the same thing.


Allison’s POV

My nightmare was seriously haunting me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was horrible to think about what would happen. If I was sent back to school. I had to call Sam, so I stormed out the kitchen and ran upstairs. When I came to my room I started to look for my phone, but it was nowhere to be found. Then I remember that it probably had fell out when I passed out. So it was lying somewhere in the snow. Damn. I really needed to talk to her. Not just because of the nightmare, but also because I haven’t talked to her since the day I fainted. It have been about nine days now and I miss her a lot.

“What are you looking for?” A familiar soft voice broke me out from my thoughts. I turned my head and saw Justin standing by the door.

“I just forgot that I’ve lost my phone in the snow. That’s all.” I tried to smile, but the thought about Sam is eating me up inside. Luckily she had many more friends than me, so she wouldn’t be alone.

“You need to call someone?” He looked at me while speaking in a friendly tone.

“I haven’t spoken to Samantha for a long time now and I really miss her.” I couldn’t smile anymore – I just couldn’t.

“You want to borrow my phone?” Justin handed me his phone and left me alone in the room. Quickly I dialed her number. I just couldn’t wait until she answered; I’ve missed her so much. After about four bleeps she answered the phone.

“Hello this is Samantha Collins.” First I was a bit confused, but then I understood that I was calling from Justin’s phone.

“Hi Sam. It’s me – Allison.”

”Allison?! What happened to you? I have no idea who you went with and where you went after.”

“I’m okay Sam. You know the boy that looked after me?”

“What boy? Who looked after you? Allison, what are you talking about? I was your only visitor.”

“No you weren’t. There was this brown haired boy who brought me to the hospital. He was there when I woke up.”

“Oh my god. Are you kidnapped?!”

No, now you’re just being ridiculous. I’m safe okay? He’s nice – really nice. I actually think I have feelings for him.” I whispered the last part to the white iPhone.

“What?! Are you insane? Well, I’m glad you’ve found someone who treats you right. What’s his name?”

“Justin.” I couldn’t help but smile a little. Everytime I heard his name, I couldn’t help it. The smile just crawled up to my face and stayed there for a while.

“Justin what? Come on, tell me his whole name. I’m curious!”

“I… I don’t actually know his whole name.” I just realized it. “He never told me.” My smile went away as my head turned towards the door.

“Oh… Maybe he didn’t think it was important.”

There was a little moment of silence when I remembered why I was calling her.

“But that wasn’t the main reason I called you. I’ve had a nightmare for some nights now and I can’t stop thinking about it.” I rubbed my eyes and tried to think about something else.

“I’m listening.”

Then I told her everything about Justin and then about the nightmare. She was quiet for a little while.

“You know I would never leave you. Well, except for now – but I didn’t really leave you. You just disappeared. I told the principal that you’ll be gone for some time.”

“Thanks. But please just promise me that you’ll never leave.” I crossed my fingers even though I already knew the answer. Sam is a true friend.

“Of course I won’t silly. I just miss you very much.”

“I miss you too Sam. I promise to call you again soon so we can meet okay? Maybe you can meet Justin too.” Again I smiled. Just because of his name.

“Okay. I’ll be waiting for your call. Take it slow with Justin, don’t let it get too heated okay?” I could hear her smile.

“Ha-ha very funny.” I spoke in a sarcastic tone. “Bye honey.” She said her goodbyes before hanging up. I smiled a little before running downstairs.

“Thanks. For letting me use your phone.” I handed it back to him and smiled softly.

“Anytime Allison.” He returned the smile and placed his phone in his pocket. “Just so you know, Scooter will be dropping by later today.”

“Why?” It might sound rude, but Scooter has been visiting Justin very many times now.

“He’ll bring dinner. I can’t leave the house because I feel ill.”

“Are you sure you don’t need anything? I can go get something if you need…” I was cut off by Justin.

“The only thing I need now is great company.” Justin came closer. “And that’s exactly what you are sweetheart.” He moved some hair from my face to the back of my ear while looking me straight in the eyes. He smiled and it made my heart melt.


Justin’s POV

She returned the look and I could feel how my heart skipped a beat. I just wanted to tell her, right now, right here how I felt. But it was going to be special and that’s also something I’m going to talk to Scooter about. How to make it happen without flashing lights?

“When is Scooter coming?” Allison broke the silence and I was popped out from my thoughts.

“In thirty minutes actually.” I just realized it myself. “I better clean the kitchen.”

“I need to get ready, he can’t see me like this.” She looked panicked down at her clothes which actually are mine. I kissed her cheek very quickly before making my way to the kitchen. I could hear Allison running upstairs. I started putting away some papers and magazines when I noticed the SONS magazine she wanted to read. I couldn’t let her read it, because it was an article about me in it. But she loved the magazine so much, I decided to cut out the article, pictures and draw over my name on page two. I ripped the paper to pieces before throwing it away when the doorbell rang.


Allison’s POV

I could hear the doorbell ring and just seconds after the boys greeted each other. I didn’t really want to do anything today, so I didn’t bother to do anything to how I looked. My feet lead me downstairs and now I was saying hi to Scooter.

“Allison…” Scooter looked at me with serious eyes. Justin looked confused and so did I. “I brought you some clothes. I hope they’re your size.” He smiled at me while handing me three bags full of Forever 21 clothes – my favorite shop. I was just staring at him in total shock. Justin didn’t look quite as surprised as me, but he didn’t expect it either.

“Wow…” I was finally able to say something. “Thank you so much.” I gave Scooter a hug and ran up to sort out the clothes. I didn’t want to change until I’d showered.

It didn’t take long until I’d hung up the clothes in the walk-in wardrobe. I put my hair up in a ponytail and ran downstairs to the lovely scent of hamburgers.

“I brought you a cheeseburger, some fries and a coke.” Scooter gave me a paper bag that smelled delicious and it was still warm so the food was fresh. I wrapped up the hamburger from the paper and just dug in. Hopefully it didn’t look too stupid, but I was starving.

After the meal I just wanted to try on all the clothes, so I excused myself and ran upstairs to take a long, hot bath and think about this whole situation. Sam really made me think.



Hi, sorry for the late update - I tried to write a long chapter to apologize and I hope you like it. Allison finally gets to talk so Sam again and you should just wait and see what happens next... ;) Just so you know, tomorrow (thursday, 27.6) I won't be able to update because I'll be hosting a sleepover party, but I'll try to update on friday. Loveyou all very much, thanks for nice comments, likes, favorites and views, it seriously means alot. Thanks :)

x Koshuki

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