Before I Die

After losing both of her parents and walking straight into a life of bullying, Allison one day collapses on the sidewalk in the cold winter snow.
When she wakes up at the hospital, she wakes up to a smiling face. But what she didn't know was that the unknown boy was the famous Justin Bieber.
She'd promised herself to never trust anyone but Samantha (her best friend) but will Justin change everything? And what happens when she finds out the truth and gets dragged straight into the spotlight?


8. Fresh Air

Justin's POV

"She's going to find out – with your help or not, there must be a time when she gets to know." Scooter tried to talk some sense into me. He was right though, I couldn't hide it from her forever and it wasn't possible either. "You probably have noticed that she has no own clothes with her and you need to drive her to her friend or go shopping. Also, she can't live here inside all day every day." Scooter kept talking and he was right. There were so many things that could bust me. And I couldn't keep her here forever either. Because we had to go shopping, get some groceries and so much more. I felt terrible because I kept it secret from her but I had to do something.

"Also you have to meet the rest of the team on the other side of the city in nine days. You can't just leave her here." I put my head in my hands. Feeling awful because of all of this. Scooter saw that and sighed. "But if you want to we can come up with some explanation for why you should stay in the house till that day. I can get you guys’ food and whatever you need." That sounded like a plan, but I just didn't want to lie to her.

"That means that I have to lie." I looked at Scooter confused. Lost. No idea what I should do.

"How are you feeling?" Scooter asked me.

"Sick." I answered him and studied the stone floor again.

"Exactly. That's a reason to stay in the house." That was a brilliant idea! I was feeling pretty bad because of all this so I wanted to stay in the house too. "And just because you have to stay inside the house, it doesn't mean that you can't go outside to the pool, tennis court and the golf court. They are still inside the security field." Scooter smiled at me and to be honest - I've never been this happy. I gave Scooter a hug before he had to go to a meeting. "I'll call you when it ends." Scooter smiled before he went.

"Bye, I'll see you later." I thanked him one more time before closing the door and walking upstairs.


Allison's POV

I was sitting and looking through some magazines when I heard some knocks from the other side of the door. I put away the magazine I was reading and opened the closed door. Justin stood there, smiling.

"Hi honey." He looked me in the eyes before kissing my cheek. "What are you doing?" He kept his smile on his face but I just stared at him. Something was going on.

"Is Scooter still here?" I asked Justin while I went to grab the SONS magazine from last year, finding the page with the photo of him.

"No he just left. But he'll be back later today with some food." Justin looked a little confused, probably wondering why I asked.

"Well then you have to explain what a world famous manager does in this house. I know it's yours, but I didn't know that regular people could have such contacts." I smiled at him. And also to the thought that I wanted to be a famous singer since I was about six years old.

Suddenly Justin looked nervous, like he was hiding something from me. He looked down like he was guilty and was twiddling his thumbs nervously. "Justin, what's going on?" I looked confused at him, but it was not possible to see his eyes when his sight was dragged on the floor.

"Umm…" He started, but took a long break after. I assumed it was to find the right words. "Scooter is my mother’s friend and his seeing me a little because I've been sick since last night after we went to sleep." Now he was making eye contact, and to be honest – that sounded believable.

"Oh, how are you? Do you need to lie down?" I offered him a hand but he didn't seem to need it.

"No, it's not so bad yet." He smiled again. "But I think we both need some fresh air." He came much closer to me. My face brightened up.

"I would love to see New York." I told him and was about to get more ready when suddenly he took a hold of my hand and pulled me closer.

"That air in the city" He looked quick out the window. "It isn't fresh. It's full of gas." He made a funny face to show that the air there is bad.

"Right, of course. How silly of me." I laughed for myself. "And you're sick too, poor Justin." I stroke his cheek before looking down at my feet. "What were you thinking then?" I let my eyes go up to meet his and I could see that he had a plan.

"Tennis, golf or swimming?" He asked me while pulling me closer to him.

"I'd love to play tennis." I gave him a little smile while drowning in his hazel eyes. "But I don't have any clothes to play in." Justin didn't say anything, he just lead the way to his wardrobe and took out some clothes I could use.

"We really need to go shopping someday." Justin spoke while he tried to find a possible t-shirt I could use. I was just happy with the thought of shopping. Even though I never buy the pretty clothes, but the oversized ones because my body isn't exactly what I'm most proud of. Justin gave me the t-shirt and left me alone so that I could change. "I'll go get the tennis racket." He smiled before he closed the door behind him. I changed my clothes and braided my hair before running downstairs just to see Justin standing there ready. "Ready to play?" He asked while handing me the racket. I nodded and he showed the way to the tennis court. I picked a side first, then Justin went to the opposite side and we started to play. It was incredible tight until I won the last match. We were both sweaty so we decided to go and drink some water. Luckily we'd taken some water bottles with us so we didn't have to walk inside.

Damn he was so hot standing there, pouring water in his mouth and drying off his sweat with a towel. 


Justin's POV

I couldn't stop looking at her. She was perfect, so relaxing. Then when she looked at me, I decided not to make it awkward and drank some water. In the corner of my eye, I could see her looking at me. It was hard not to turn around and kiss her; she's so perfect in every way. Nice, pretty, great eyes, great personality and a lovely smile. And even after everything she'd gone through, she still keeps her mood as good as possible and an eye on the future. She's the strongest person I've ever met and I'm so lucky that I met her. She was still staring at me so I decided to pull a little prank and throw water on her. She made a little voice like a squirrel before she returned it. Too bad for me that she had more water left so my clothes were drenched in water. I smiled at her and started to chase her around the court. "I'm going to get you." She ran fast, but not fast enough. I caught her and we fell onto the ground laughing. After a little while we just laid there, staring into each other’s eyes. She had these beautiful multicolored eyes that were blue, yellow and green and her long, black lashes just made them clearer. I think I'm falling for this girl because she's everything to me right now.


Allison's POV

We just laid there. But it felt right in every way possible. He is such a wonderful, good looking, nice boy, who was just a stranger to me last week. And now it feels like I'm in love with him. Even though I promised myself to never trust a guy again after my father left us and people started to pick on me. But this was so different, this was so… right. Like it was meant to be him and me.

Who am I kidding? He could never fall for anyone like me. Not this face, not this body and not this human being overall. I was too weak for a guy like him. He started to say something.

"I think I'm..." I didn't let him finish. I silenced him by putting my finger on his lips. It was just too early for me to hear that – those three words I've never heard from anyone actually. No boy would want me; I'm a disgrace for humanity. That's what they all say. So I couldn't hear it. I decided to try to change the subject.

"Let me guess what you were about to say" I started, and saw the glance in his eyes. "You think you want to eat Chinese tonight?" I smiled at him and he looked slightly disappointed. Justin probably could sense that something was up. But to answer my food request he just nodded and helped me up, wrapping his arm around my waist. I've never felt how it is to be loved before, how it feels like to be safe. Even though he maybe wasn't going to say exactly the three words I thought, I couldn't take the risk. We walked back to the house, my head resting on his shoulder and his arm remained wrapped around my body.


Hii, sorry for such a late update - it took me four days. Ouch. But I'll post a second chapter later today so I hope you'll enjoy. Again - comment if there are grammar mistakes :3 Thanks for reading, it inspires and means alot.

x Koshuki

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