Before I Die

After losing both of her parents and walking straight into a life of bullying, Allison one day collapses on the sidewalk in the cold winter snow.
When she wakes up at the hospital, she wakes up to a smiling face. But what she didn't know was that the unknown boy was the famous Justin Bieber.
She'd promised herself to never trust anyone but Samantha (her best friend) but will Justin change everything? And what happens when she finds out the truth and gets dragged straight into the spotlight?


36. Found

The days after were really a blur. I remember being hit several times and a needle through my skin many times a day. I just sat there on the chair, all tied up and unclear of the events going on. Voices were heard all the time, sometimes whispers but they quickly turned to shouts.

One time I remember totally blacking out, Tabitha’s face was the last thing I saw before I woke up on a street. God knows how many hours I’d laid there. I tried to stand up, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that standing was not a luxury of mine at this moment, so I sat up on my knees and tried to recognize the place.

Then it came to my mind.


I tried to look for my phone. Well, who would’ve guessed that they had taken it. So I crawled around the sidewalk trying to find some change for the payphone up ahead. My head was dizzy and I felt so ill. Then a miracle happened – I found a huge amount of coins spread around.

My hands disobeyed me as I tried to pick them up and it took quite a while until I got  a hold of enough.

Once again, I tried to stand up but the same thing happened. I fell and all the coins I’d gathered fell clinging towards the cold stone.



When I finally got to the payphone with all the coins and walking help from the wall, I dialed his number and as I heard his familiar “Hello”  I couldn’t help but scream his name and fall to the ground.



Justin’s POV

“Why the fuck does it take so long?”

I’ve been yelling at the tracker for a good while now, but it really shouldn’t take this long to track the number to a payphone.

“Dude, it’s only been ten minutes.” Scooter grabbed my shoulder and lead me to a couch at the police station. I’m so close to getting her back and every minute we’re not out there driving towards her, is a minute lost.

“It’s the payphone on street Tulès, not so far from here actually.”

It’s been three weeks. And now she was only a couple blocks away.

“Justin, what are you waiting for?” Scooter’s voice snapped me out of my tiny trance and I followed them to the cars.

The drive seemed like forever, but we finally saw a body. Lying on the ground. Not moving.

What is she’s dead?

We drove closer and a red liquid around her became more visible. Oh my god. Blood.


A/N ; I'll update later tonight too, so you'll get two chapters today (: 

Thankyou if you've stuck around for my lazy updating. Ily

x Kosh

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