Before I Die

After losing both of her parents and walking straight into a life of bullying, Allison one day collapses on the sidewalk in the cold winter snow.
When she wakes up at the hospital, she wakes up to a smiling face. But what she didn't know was that the unknown boy was the famous Justin Bieber.
She'd promised herself to never trust anyone but Samantha (her best friend) but will Justin change everything? And what happens when she finds out the truth and gets dragged straight into the spotlight?


17. First Kiss

Allison's POV

Oh god, what am I going to do? I’d never kissed anyone before and he’d probably kissed many. My mind went blank when our lips met so I just decided to go with it.

“Wow, you have a natural talent.” He looked at me after the kiss. “I’m impressed.” I couldn’t do anything else but blush when he said that – I thought I was bad.



Justin’s POV

Rest of the evening we sat there, on the puffy pillows, just talking about everything and nothing. I was so happy that I’d finally told her the truth about me and that she decided to stay. Because that she stayed I was now a hundred percent sure that she would stay for a really long time. Hopefully forever. We’d been sitting outside for about seven hours and it was now 10 pm.

Allison had fallen asleep on my lap so I decided to text Scooter.

‘Hey man, can you please bring up a tent? We’re too tired to walk back so we’ll just sleep here.’

It didn’t take long before I got an answer.

‘Of course, I’ll be there in ten minutes. How did it go?’

‘We can talk when you come (:’

I pushed send and waited patiently for Scooter to come. Allison looked so sweet when she was sleeping. Her hair covered half of her face but she was still so precious.

After ten minutes I could see scooter coming. Carefully I moved away and put Allison’s head on the pillow instead and went to help Scooter with the tent.

“Hi kid, tell me what happened.” Scooter smiled at me while handing me some bags.

“She decided to stay and give me a chance.” I was so happy I could tell him that, instead of saying that she left and is probably never coming back.

“That’s awesome! You’re a really lucky man, think about it; she decided to stay!” We dropped the stuff carefully on the ground and Scooter took a seat on the other side of the fire. “Does she know about the meeting?”

“Yes she does and she also decided to go with me.” I couldn’t stop smiling. Pure happiness just took over my body totally and I just couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest guy on the planet.

Me and Scooter talked for a little while, about the security and boring stuff like that. Allison finally woke up so we could go and set the tent up.

“Hii…” Poor thing looked exhausted. “Why is Scooter here?” She gave him a confused look.

“He brought us a tent” I nodded over to the bags. “So we can sleep under the starry sky tonight.”

“Good because I’m too tired to walk home.” She stood up and helped us carry some bags to the open spot – and you could see that she was impressed by the view.

The tent was up and Scooter had gone back home so now it was just me and Allison left.

“It’s so beautiful, why can’t we just live here?” I could see her beautiful smile in the darkness and the stars in her eyes were shining so much brighter than the ones up above.

“I would love to sugar, but it’s unfortunately not possible.” I pouted a little.

“Awh; why not?” She came closer and wrapped her arms around my neck. I grabbed her waist and we were now standing so close that out nosetips touched.

“I’m sorry we can’t. Is there any way I could make it up to you?” I stroke her cheek gently while looking in her eyes. She looked like a whole different person now.

“Maybe there’s one way…” She smiled and looked at my lips. I totally got the hint, so once again I could feel her soft lips placed on mine.



Woops, I lost the sense of time. Sorry for such a short and late update.

But thanks for 130 views, it's amazing!

Please comment what you think about the story so far :3

Sweet dreams

x Koshuki

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