Before I Die

After losing both of her parents and walking straight into a life of bullying, Allison one day collapses on the sidewalk in the cold winter snow.
When she wakes up at the hospital, she wakes up to a smiling face. But what she didn't know was that the unknown boy was the famous Justin Bieber.
She'd promised herself to never trust anyone but Samantha (her best friend) but will Justin change everything? And what happens when she finds out the truth and gets dragged straight into the spotlight?


20. Don't Do It

Justin’s POV

It’d been about six weeks since the meeting now and yes, Allison has been taking a lot of crap lately. Just because she’s seen with me. Everyone has figured it out by now, so I went public with it last week. And since that day, people have been telling her all kinds of terrible things, even though some people are actually happy for me and respect her.

It was early now, about 4 am and I woke up by this weird voice coming from downstairs. Slowly I walked up, took a t-shirt on and went to check what it was. To my surprise I saw Allison standing by the kitchen table, head down, oversized sweater on and her hair was spread out. Usually she always braids it for the night.

“Allison?” I walked closer towards her but she turned her face away so I couldn’t see it. “What’s going on?” She tightened her grip around the one spot on her arm. That’s when I could spot a knife next to her. As quick as possible I went over there, grabbed her by her shoulders and looked in her tear drenched eyes.

“I can’t take it Justin…” Her voice was weak; broken. “I’m not good for anything.” She didn’t look away from my eyes and started to stumble a little.

“Hey. Don’t do this to yourself.” I pushed the knife away when I could see her halfsmiling. 

“I already have. I’m so sorry.” Allison moved away her hand and I could see the deep cut below her elbow. “It’s too late for me Justin, I tried to tell you.” She fell down on the floor and now I could see her sweater full of blood. Quickly I called 911 and found a towel to wrap around her bloody arm.

I tried to make eye contact but her eyes were closed.

“Why?” I didn’t have any spark left in my voice; it just came out flat and lifeless. To be honest I didn’t feel sparks for anything right now. She was bleeding and losing very much blood.

Finally the paramedics arrived; I explained the situation from my point of view and followed her in the ambulance.

“Is she going to make it?” I looked to the paramedic before moving my sight back to her lovely face.

“I don’t know, she hit some important nerves but we might be able to save her.” He gave me a ‘I’m so sorry for this’ look and continued trying to stop the bleeding.

When we finally came to the hospital, they rushed over to the ‘Only employees’ space.

“I’m so sorry sir, you’re not allowed to come any further.” The lady looked sorry. I couldn’t say anything, I just stood there – speechless looking at the closed doors and re-experiencing everything over and over again. 



I know it's a late update but I've been very bad lately - I've been having nightmares, being depressed and down for many days now. But I will try to write more.

Let's make it to 200+ views, shall we? ;) Thanks for all the likes, comments and favorites it means alot. Please tell me what you think of this (very short) chapter.


x Koshuki

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