if you were an outcast a person left alone and shunned by others would you still open your mouth or would you creep back into that place you now call home


2. the day after

the darkness from my eyelids dissolves and my eyes take their time to adjust. i find myself in a hospital bed with a nurse sitting beside me. i glance at her as if she is the one who did this to me but she seems not to mind. she slowly and cautiously gets up from where she was sitting and escapes the room like a cat that's just been frighten. i stare at the ceiling replaying everything that has resulted to this but nothing came. one spine tingling hour passes and the doctor with an upset expression shuffles his feet into the room with his head down so low i thought he would do a front flip soon. but that's not what he did instead he said "i'm so sorry but your mother is dead" then he ran out of the room faster then my mind could process. at that point my chest became so heavy and my heart just started beating so fast "how can this be, this isn't possible". i keep telling myself that but it just wont register then another doctor comes in. he seemed completely relaxed as he said "you will be staying with another family" my lungs felt as if all the air in the world could not fill them. all my life I've always been ignored and i tried making friends but every time i opened my mouth everyone would just stare at me or make fun of me, but now i have a whole new family. but sadly things arent gonna change especially for me


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