if you were an outcast a person left alone and shunned by others would you still open your mouth or would you creep back into that place you now call home


1. one word

the sound of little feet awake me as my pet dog roger makes his way up the stairs and into my room to wake me. his warm slobbery tongue greets me as i raise myself off my bed reach for my blanket and then rogers voice became harsh and his face became distorted so i quickly moved my hand away from my blanket and as i did that my alarm turned off. i jumped off my bed and tackled my little alarm because the last thing i wanted was for my mother to wake so i try to turn it off then roger comes over and puts his paw on the alarm button pushes it gives me an odd smile then leaves.

iget up and try to look for my clothes but a loud crashing sound makes me stop i walk over to my mothers room. the door was wide open i went in and there standing over my sleeping helpless mother was a tall figure who wore all black my mind began to race then i ran over to him tears streaking down my face. my arms grabbed the persons waist and we both crashed through the window and went on to the street the person started screaming but a weird sensation came over me and i just started crying the person struggled in my grip but i wouldn't let go not now then i heard the the shouts and screams of my mother and in that split second our bodies smashed against the pavement. an intolerable pain stabbed me in  the arm and my blood was gushing out like a stream. i started feeling light headed and i started getting tired  my eyes shut and as my mind faded the person who now was breathing heavy with his last breathe he said HA then coughed and i felt something wet come on my face then my mind went blank everything i knew from when i woke and until now i just want to forget but i dont know if i can 

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