Teddy Bear Eyes : A Humble Horror

one of my first ever horrors, let me know if u like it :) if u do take a look at ' The Knock', its cool :)


1. Teddy Bear Eyes

It was 2am on a cold november morning. The harsh winter gales had a chilling quality that can only be compared to when a cube of ice creeps slowly down your back. There were clouds covering the stars that had once comforted Alex as she made her way up to the door of her house. Her parents and sister were away for a few days and weren't due back until the weekend so consequently the house was silent. She wrestled the key into the lock in the front door but it pushed open before the key was turned. After a night of clubbing her scences were weary and numbed so she didnt notice the strange stain of burgundy on the handle of the door. She also didnt notice, as she assended the stairs, the sound of dripping coming from the downstairs living room. She almost tripped over something cold and abherrant on the landing and then clambered her way into bed.

Her heart stopped.


The fright of seeing the eyes of alice's bear under the covers was short
A shrill, agonising scream ripped open her throat and peirced her own eardrums like scythes as her brain registered the eyes...


The cold dead eyes, like shining whirlpools of sorrow,


Were her sisters.

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