I paint with a pen

just a piece of poerty i have written about my annoyance that poetry doesnt get as much good press as other art forms.


1. I Paint With A Pen

I paint with a pen, why is that so absurd?
That instead of acrylics I draw with the word.

The desk is my easel, my colours are few,
For this line of work I need only two.

I think of the rainbow as a tad O.T.T,
Good old black and white are the colours for me.

I cannot imagine how we'd live without text!
Without written instruction, what would we do next?

Mobile phones are pointless, shove the books in the bin,
And tell me again written art is a sin.

Shakespeare's out of a job, but there ain't much competition;
Learning would be an absolute mission.

Did I hear you say why? Well, picture this scene,
Explain math, with a paintbrush; you're living in a dream.

A chance to catch up with a friend would be grand,
Not so much if there's no brush and easel to hand.

Just a game of charades for the whole of your life,
Sounds like all fun and games, but less fun and more strife!

How's Justin Beiber's tiny brain gonna know this *action* means get off?
How you gonna tell doc that you've got a bad cough?

And how would you say, I'll take that without cheese,
Or even just plain old thank-you and please?

Words are the foundation for every single day,
Everyone uses them in their own special way.

I use them like paints, and know I hope you see
Why pen,paper and words are the right tools for me.

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