Best Friends Forever

I suck at making making blurbs so read the story


3. Chapter 3

"Lilly, do ya mind?! What in tarnation is goin on!? Let me go!" Amber struggled to get free but her strength wasn't getting her very far. Lilly kept a tight grip on Amber and refused to let her go. "Oh, I can't let you go silly! Then you can run away!" Lilly gave Amber another twisted smile. "Ha ha..uh very funny Lilly! Your pranks get me all the time!" Amber mumbled becoming a nervous wreck in Lilly's grip. Lilly's abnormal smile slowly turned into an angry sneer.  "Yes.  Prank.  Look at me laugh.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha." Lilly pulled out some duct tape and strapped it to Amber's mouth. "Shhhhh..." Lilly cooed.

Amber was now fighting for her life against her best friend. As much as she wanted this to be a dream, she could feel Lilly's every movement. Lilly twisted Amber's wrist, causing her to writhe in pain. She then pinned Amber to the ground with so much strength that Amber could have had a broken back in a few seconds. "Mmmph!" was all Amber could say. "Hush now Amber, I mean, we don't want the whole town to hear you do we?" Lilly winked still keeping her abnormal expression. Amber wanted to scream to the whole world. But that wasn't really an option when you have just been gagged and pinned to the floor by...what ONCE was your best friend. Now, Amber was never the kind of person to give up, she never did anyway. She was finding those last sparks of hope, to keep her going, but now it seemed that Lilly had won.

Lilly pulled a knife with an immensely sharp blade, almost like a butcher knife but in the style of your everyday kitchen knife. Amber wriggled, her body shaking with fear and her deep green eyes pleading her to stop. Lilly ignored her and stroked the knife against her chest. "Anything you wanted to tell me?" She smiled staring violently into Amber's eyes. "MMMMPH!" was all Amber could say. "Hehe, I thought so," Lilly laughed. She began to stop stroking the knife and push it down a little. Blood started slowly pour out of the wound. Amber was now frantically trying to escape, Lilly wasn't going to make this quick. But she payed no attention at all to Amber and continued to slowly push the knife blade deeper and deeper until blood was running everywhere. Amber couldn't take it. Her vision started to go blurry. Lilly pulled the knife out with a sharp jolt giggling. "Aw Amber you're no fun. What's the point of playing a game if you're not going to join in?" she smiled wildly. Amber wanted this to be as quick as possible, she couldn't take it anymore. With her last bit of strength, she pointed to her chest, now full of blood, telling Lilly to go for it. Lilly took the hint and slowly raised the knife and thrusted it into Amber's chest. Thrust after thrust until Amber was probably dead. Amber was covered in ghastly wounds, her flesh almost torn apart. Blood was splattered everywhere. It even managed to get to the ceiling.

"See you in Hell, Amber."

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