Best Friends Forever

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2. Chapter 2

Lilly's funeral was held the following Monday morning after all the arrangements had been taken care of.  It had been a bright sunny day that day.  Those in attendance almost felt it appropriate in a way; she always brought sunshine to their lives even on the cloudiest of days.

 Everyone in the town was affected. Especially Amber. Amber and Lilly had grown really close, in fact, they had become the best of friends, and now Lilly was gone forever, and it was all her fault. "It's all mah fault...please forgive me Lilly..."

As much as Amber wanted to stay next to Lilly's coffin and comfort her forever, she was soon escorted by Jade. "JADE! WHAT ARE YA DOIN! YOU CAN'T TAKE ME AWAY FROM SOMEBODY WHO AH LOVE! YER EVIL THAT'S WHAT YER ARE!" Amber screamed and tried to struggle from Jade's grip but soon found it too be useless as she had no strength left. "It's going to be hard to move on Amber, but I'm sure Lilly would have wanted us to keep on smiling, and that's just what we'll do." Jade flashed a quick smile at Amber before calling a taxi home.

Amber spent the rest of the day grieving. Years ago was the horrible death of her beloved mother, and she had found it hard to get over, but as time passed she found strength and continued at the farm. And now, her best friend Lilly is gone. Forever. It was so hard to deal with, losing the two most loved ones of her life, was something she couldn't handle. At night, none of her work at the farm was done and she was extremely far behind. Amber reflected on the good times her and Lilly shared. How would she cope without her? Amber couldn't bear the thought and decided to go to bed straight away. A couple hours later, Amber was finally fast asleep.  The lock on the door to her bedroom suddenly, slowly, turned itself, preventing any outside access.

Amber had been dead to the world for a few hours when she heard a sharp tap at the window.  It jolted her awake.  Another sharp tap grabbed her attention and she got up to see what was going on.  She rubbed her half-closed eyes and looked outside.  On the ground outside the house, she saw her friend.  She closed her eyes and shook herself fully awake in disbelief.  She looked again and saw nothing.

"Lilly?  Was..?"

Words escaped her and she burst open her bedroom door and almost tripped down the stairs.  Did she really just see Lilly or was her grief-filled mind starting to crack?  She ran up to the front door, threw it open and gasped as she came to a sudden stop.

Lilly was standing right there.  Her normally poofy hair hung lifelessly on the right side of her face.  She wore a disturbing grin and was staring into the distance.  Amber tried to speak but nothing came.  She jumped when Lilly quickly fixed her dead stare on her.

"Hey Amber!  May I come in?" she asked with the same deranged smile, twisting her head slowly.

Amber mentally slapped herself out of her stupor.  "Sure. Uh, please come in, Lilly."  She walked inside and Amber closed the door behind her.  She followed a step behind her friend and tapped her shoulder.  Lilly stopped and turned to Amber.

"Listen, Lilly.. Ah can't tell you how sorry Ah am for what happened.  Heck, for anythin' Ah might have ever done to hurt ya."

Lilly brushed away her apology, "Aw, nothing to worry about, Amber!  Water under the bridge now, right?"

"Ya still have no idea how happy Ah am to see ya right now," Amber said, giving her friend a bear hug. Lilly returned  the hug without letting go. "Look Lilly, ah am very excited to see ya but is it okay if ya let go now?" Amber said with concern.



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