Best Friends Forever

I suck at making making blurbs so read the story


4. Alternate ending

This ending is for people who don't like gore.

"Lilly, do ya mind?! What in tarnation is goin on!? Let me go!" Amber struggled to get free but her strength wasn't getting her very far. Lilly kept a tight grip on Amber and refused to let her go. "Oh, I can't let you go silly! Then you can run away!" Lilly gave Amber another twisted smile. "Ha ha..uh very funny Lilly! Your pranks get me all the time!" Amber mumbled becoming a nervous wreck in Lilly's grip. Lilly's abnormal smile slowly turned into an angry sneer.  "Yes.  Prank.  Look at me laugh.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha."

Lilly pulled a knife and stroked it against Amber's back. Amber felt the knife. She started to panic. Beads of sweat were rolling down her forehead. "," Amber whispered. "Too late!" Lilly smiled and struck the knife in her back.

Lilly simply smiled while walking away with the same twisted smile plastered on her face.

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