1D or Olly Murs Imagines.

these are 1D and Olly Murs imagines! they can be sexy pretty country what ever you want and ill write a chapter just give me ur name and who you want to have your imagine with! your name will be the name of the chapter! give me the details i the comments and if you dont like your imagine tell me what you don't like and ill change it! thanks for reading this long thing bye!!!!! xxxxx


1. my imagine (sexy)

"Hey Emma" Olly whispered in my ear "wanna go some where private so we can do what we do?" 

"yeah sure!" I whispered back as we went to my bedroom. Olly started whispering the words to hey you beautiful so i joined in "sex is in your eyes oh you don't have to lie ohhh oh ohhh oh ohhh oh sex is in your eyes" we were at my bedroom "oh Olly" I gasp lying there on the bed licking his paws is a puppy "I hope you like him he was a stray I found him outside on the curb with no tag at all" 

" I love him!" i cuddle the dog close "lets call him bailey!" Olly nodded and unbuckled his jeans and took off his top i put down  the dog and did the same then took off my bra and pants we stood there naked then let the magic begin as we went to bed!

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