The Lost Princess

Indianna is Princess of Teasse, You think her life is perfect with the glitz and glamour. But the reality of her life is the exact opposite. Ever since her mother died, Her father always tried to make her life like a prison cell. He wanted her to marry someone at this time so she could rule the Country. But she would refuse, If not then she would have to marry Charles. But they both think of each other as friends. She did something she would regret later on... The Lost Princess....

A/N: Okay so some of you might think that this story is copied from wattpad.. But no this is not copied.... I am the same author of the one in wattpad... xxNiallersCupcakexx is me.. Ask her even cause im the one answering... okay so enjoy :)


1. Introduction

Chapter 1...



8 years ago.....

I was waken by the loud noises outside of my bedroom. I streched my arms out and looked for my pink furry slippers. Once i found them i grabbed them and carried it outside. I tiptoed outside so that noone could hear me, Then i put on my slippers. I searched the castle from where the sound was but no sign of it.


"Why we're you late again! You never do your duties as a King! You're so lazy you always let everyone do it for you." My mum said slightly shouting at dad...


I just ran back to my bedroom and crawled back to my bed. I've always hated the fact that they always fight, And that i couldn't stop it. Why am i so useless? Why couldn't dad just do his duty? I sighed going back to sleep before Sunrise.


Later on i woke up from shaking of my bed. I thought it was just Bruno, Our royal dog. But then it was my favorite maid, Jezzie shaking me. "Princess,please wake up!" Jezzie said sobbing and weeping. I looked at the window it was still in the middle of the night.


I sat down and sarted to worry at what's happening right now. "Jezzie what happened?" i asked worried, unaware of what was happening right now.


"Your father will explain everything Princess, Go to him he will tell you," She said still sobbing. I stood up fixed my night gown and looked for my pink slippers. I walked out and Jezzie led me to my father. 

"Thank you Jezzie." I murmured to her.


I saw him in the study table he uses for researching. I went up to him and touched him. "Dad what happened? Why is Jezzie and you crying?" I asked him worriedly.


He faced me, I saw his face. It was full of tears, And he was sobbing.


"Your mother, She has gone missing." He stopped. 'The guards we're searching for her,But then later they found her body in the Cliff,'


The cliff is a place where you go and kill yourself .... That wasn't exactly the reason why it was made. It was once a happy place but then back in the centuries a witch, put somekind of curse into that place. Which made everyone like die in there.Later on the past kings and queens would always find a dead body in the place. So yea... It was quiet and peaceful.


So they like kill themselves there....It's sad just like the place.... (I Dont Know how to explain it)


I was shocked with the words that came out of dads mouth. I didn't realize that I was crying until a tear fell to my hand. Those simple words stung me.


"Sweetie it's okay, She's Happier now,"



(Picture of the cliff in the side)

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