Last first Kiss.

Kelsey, was just your average girl, until one day she met this extraordinary boy. His name she does not know yet. Could he change her life for good or just for a week? She'll have to find out what he truly will do for her and for her love.


1. My life.

-Kelsey's P.O.V-

            Well, my life has never been really full of excitement. I work on the farm for a living and make no money. I guess this is all apart of being 18? Well anyway I'm applying to work at a fruit market. There was this really cute boy there, and I got accepted to work there. I was so excited I got to work by him, so I decided to introduce myself to this hunk. "Hey, my name is Kelsey." I said cheekily. "Hi, my name is Garrett," he said in a deep voice. I just smiled like a retard, and walked away. But he grabbed my hand, hinting not to go. He brought me in close and whispered "You're the most beautiful girl, I've ever seen.". I smiled cheekily, then he brought me in closer and kissed me hard and passionately. I was mesmerized, I didn't pull away either. 

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