Last first Kiss.

Kelsey, was just your average girl, until one day she met this extraordinary boy. His name she does not know yet. Could he change her life for good or just for a week? She'll have to find out what he truly will do for her and for her love.


2. Isn't she lovely.

-Garrett's P.O.V-

         I was thinking to myself, wow she is the most gorgeous thing ever! I think I was in love, I was still kissing here. She had slowly slid her tongue into my mouth and, I slid mine into hers. We were French kissing for over 4 minutes! Could she love me? After just 3 days of working together? It seemed highly impossible, for someone like me. I decided I was going to ask her tomorrow. I kneeled down on one knee, she gasped. I replied "Sorry, my shoes untied," She smacked me and laughed. I tackled her to the floor and got on top of her playfully. I slammed my lips on hers and she didn't resist. I thought she must love me?

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