Last first Kiss.

Kelsey, was just your average girl, until one day she met this extraordinary boy. His name she does not know yet. Could he change her life for good or just for a week? She'll have to find out what he truly will do for her and for her love.


5. He's mine.

-Kelsey's P.O.V-

      He's mine! I love him dearly, and he was all mine! But there was a big problem, HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED????? He wouldn't talk to me nor look at me. What did I did, was he over me? I'm so confused, we just met two weeks ago. How could it be over, I walked up to him and asked what was wrong but he just blinked and walked away. Was it over? I was terrified of losing my first love, I followed him. All he said was "Leave me alone, I know you cheated.". 'WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY, YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE I LOVE.". "Yeah right,'' I cried. How did I cheat? Did something happen that I didn't know about. Hmm, I'll have to investigate, maybe it was stupid, Ellie who was his Ex. That little skank, lied!

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