Last first Kiss.

Kelsey, was just your average girl, until one day she met this extraordinary boy. His name she does not know yet. Could he change her life for good or just for a week? She'll have to find out what he truly will do for her and for her love.


3. He's mesmerizing.

-Kelsey's P.O.V-

        Wow! I wonder if he loves me? He is just beautiful. I kept kissing him, I couldn't resist. His dark brown hair, his crystal blue eyes and he's so tall. I got up and he looked at me weird. I said "Garrett, I really like you, I was hoping you felt the same?", "I do! I was hoping you would feel the same," I smiled. "Kelsey will you go out with me?" "Sure!", I jumped with joy! This is exactly what I wanted to happen, he was all mine. I decided we should go to his house. So we did, we went into his bedroom and we turned the lights off. We laid down and cuddled, and kissed. Until it was hours later, we got up and we went into the basement. We put a blanket down, we laid on it and we eventually took our cloths off. Were we really going all the way?! Apparently he got on top of me, and thrusted in and out hard and fast. It felt so extraordinary, I couldn't stop. It was hours later and we were still going at it. 

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