Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


37. The wedding sc

Chapter 37 The wedding.

   “Well.” Alan asked

   “Don’t rush me.” I answered 

   “Rush you,” Alan replied laughing then stated, “It’s been over six months since you shacked up with my sister. Isn’t it about time you married her, if only for Alice’s sake.”

   Fuck, I thought, Alice was the problem. Did I really wish to bring up another man’s child as my own? Sam, when I had confronted her with the Letter showing Alice’s DNA test results, had owned up to having a one-night fling with Antonio while I was back home burying my grandma. She had told me she had got drunk after hearing from that bitch, her best friend Helen, who had sent her a photo of me kissing Cathy as I left her house with my overnight bag.

  My current dilemma was Alan and his partner Brian who had decided to tie the knot and had suggested it would be nice if we made it a double wedding. To be honest although I had to admit to myself that Sam and I were both in the wrong, it wasn’t easy for me to forget that Alice wasn’t mine as she was always there as constant reminder. Maybe I thought if we had another child which would be mine it would even things up, so with that in mind I decided to chance it.


   Both my mother and Sam’s weren’t very happy when we opted for a purely civil ceremony at the registry office so we could have a double wedding. It felt strange at the end of the ceremony when the registrar announced that both Sam and I together with Alan and Brian we were officially married. I had to smile at the surprised look on my mother’s face when Alan passionately kissed Brian openly in front of everyone.

   Mum pulled me aside as we were about to leave for the reception and whispered, “Explain to Alan kissing another man in public is not on. He has to think of others; he needs to keep his relationship outwardly low key.”

   I’m sorry to say when I heard this I burst out laughing as she was in for a bigger surprise. I knew Alan and Brian had invited several of their gay friends to the dancing afterwards. 



   I hated the idea of a civil ceremony but, if that’s the only way of getting Joe and Sam wed, so be it. My main problem was why in God’s name did they have to double up with a gay couple. Yes, I understand Alan’s Sam’s brother and he’s a nice enough boy. But really in normal circumstances no way would I attend such a thing as a gay wedding.  

   Rob and I looked after Alice who was as good as gold during the rather short ceremony, Sam wore a smart outfit, naturally she couldn’t wear a white dress under the circumstances. My Joe standing beside her, handsome as ever, dressed in the suit I made him buy. If it wasn’t for me he would have probably worn a pair of old jeans and a tee-shirt. Thankfully, Alan and his friend also looked good.

   After the wedding, if you call it that, Sam and Joe kissed and to my surprise and embarrassment the other so called couple also kissed.

   I would have said something right then if Rob hadn’t held me back. However, I did get a chance to have a quiet word with Joe before he left for the hotel reception. To my surprise he merely laughed.

   At the hotel after the reception there was dancing to my shock and horror several of the young people wrongly paired up and started dancing.



   I have to admit my mother is an amazing person. After the initial shock of seeing both gay men and lesbians dancing together at our party, she had grabbed hold of Rob’s hand and had taken a turn around the dance floor as if nothing was amiss. 


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