Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


20. The outing. sc

Chapter 20 The outing. 

  There must have been over a dozen Rolls-Royces parked in the school playground everyone but everyone had returned for Founders Day.

   The Marquee was overflowing with people all chatting away drinking tea and eating cake. Mum, Susan, Rob and even Ted had come down from university to attend. 

   Alan’s mother Aunty Caroline made a point of finding me to say a thank you for helping out with their big problem of the other day. She implied that the ban of never setting foot in her house ever again had been lifted and that I was welcome anytime. This pleased Sam, who immediately invited me to come back later.

   Alan also made a point of asking me back, he apparently wanted my moral support. He intended to come out about being gay to his parents. Fuck this really worried me although he had totally accepted that I was with Sam, one never could tell in the spur of the moment what he might say regarding our playing around before, while growing up. 


  Aunty Caroline had invited my mum and Rob home. Thankfully Susan and Ted were not there when Alan asked for everyone’s attention because he wanted to say something I was standing next to him and for some unaccountable reason, he grabbed my hand as he always did when he was nervous and announced, “I’m gay.”

   After a silence his dad responded by saying it’s about time you and Joe declared that you’re a couple. Rob joined in saying that at the shoot last year he had though there was something going on between us. 

   I had been so nervous about Alan’s coming out that the reaction of both Alan’s dad and Rob just stunned me. It was only when I heard Alan telling everyone that I was not gay, that I came to my senses and declared, “You’ve got it all wrong. No way am I gay. Alan and I, we’re just best friends.” I looked over at Sam for help but she must have thought it funny because she burst out laughing.

   Mum gave Aunty Caroline a glare when she declared, “Don’t you think Gill they make a nice couple.”

Apparently, no one was listening to us, so I starting shouting out that I wasn’t gay. This stopped them.

   “Ok, we believe you, Joe,” Rob said.

    Sam came over and whispered, “I always thought you were a bit queer especially after the pole dancing video.” 

   I whispered back. “You bitch. Wait until I get you alone at Mrs Smiths, place, we’ll see who’s queer then.”

   Later, as we were leaving, I overheard Rob say to Alan’s dad Joe’s in denial. Did you see how they were holding hands all the time?


   Sam and I have been having sex in Mrs Smith’s spare room on and off for some time now. We enjoyed making love when she was entertaining a client especially one named Danny, who was about our age and tended to shout a lot.

   Today Sam and I were lying in bed discussing Alan’s announcement of being gay, when we heard Danny noisily come in to the other bedroom, then slowly at first we heard the bedsprings start moving, within seconds ours did as we joined them. Then Danny started shouting. Don’t ask me why but I started shouting for him to go faster. He in turn called back for me to take it easy. So we carried on shouting at each other through the wall, as though we were mates doing it in the same room. Until, at the last stretch we speeded up as though in a race with both of us coming together at the finishing line. 

   Later, after a sleep, Sam brought up the subject of Alan being gay again. “You know he has a thing for you, don’t you?”

   “Yes, I can’t help being so loveable,” I joked. 

   “Well what are we going to do about it?” Sam asked. 

   Again, sort of joking I suggested we could invite him back here and have a threesome.

   Ignoring my comment, Sam suggested we needed to get him a boyfriend. The problem was whom did we knew who would be suitable.


Today I’m not happy. Alan has come out at school to a few of his close friends, so everyone knows and it’s me who’s getting grief.

   Just like Rob and Alan’s father, everyone is assuming I’m gay. The more I deny it, the worse it gets. I have a dilemma. I could admit to having sex with Alan’s sister. The problem with that is no one would believe it was true and, if it got back to Sam, she would stop me getting my leg over at Mrs Smith’s place. 

   Maybe I could distance myself from Alan but how could I do such a thing without breaking up our friendship. The same goes for any physical contact. Yet I must break him of the habit of always grabbing my hand when he’s nervous. 

   To say it couldn’t get worse was an understatement. We had games and when it came to taking a shower, in the changing room some bright spark shouted out bums to the wall as here come the queers. I couldn’t help myself but I retaliated by laughingly telling him not to worry, no one would want his skinny arse as it was covered with pimples like his face.  


   A week had gone by since Alan’s coming out and things at home hadn’t improved in fact they had got worse. My Mum was now telling me she didn’t mind if I was gay and that when my brother and sister got married they would give her the grandchildren she wanted. 

   As for school, things were getting stranger by the day. No one would believe I wasn’t gay. In fact, I was asked to look after a new boy who apparently was gay. Thankfully for me, Alan was prepared to take on the task of looking after Brian. According to Alan, Brian, who had long sandy hair, was drop dead gorgeous and had a body to kill for.    They soon became good friends. So much so that when I called at Alan’s house in the mornings on the way to school, we would have to wait for Brian to arrive before setting out. At the road junction Alan, no longer needed my help. He and Brian would walk straight across talking without a thought. On a couple of occasions when I was late, I found they had already gone without me. 


    I should have been pleased for Alan but to be honest I found it strange and rather upsetting as I missed his friendship.  

   In the classes we shared he no longer sat with me if Brian was there.

  The worst thing was after school even if Alan and I were walking home alone. The conversation was always what Brian thought or said about whatever we were discussing. God it was like having the ghost of a third person always there coming between us. And if the three of us walked home together, the two of them would talk to each other as if I wasn’t there.   


    Over the weekends I still did the markets with Tom and on several occasions had bumped into the girl called Cathy who worked on one of the stalls nearby. Talking to her I learnt she lived not too far away from where I lived. We even met a few times in the coffee shop. The one in the high street just before the underground station.


    Now that I was no longer Alan’s best friend, I hardly visited his house anymore and so saw very little of Sam, outside our getting together now and then in Mrs Smith’s spare room. To be honest I was getting bored with the whole situation and had my eye on a new sexual partner.

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