Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


8. Sods Law S4

Chapter 8 Sods Law S4

   It really amazed me that although I had eventually succeeded in getting my leg over, I was still so horny. So this morning I made a mistake of wearing my baggiest jeans, the ones that allowed the top of my underwear to show but thankfully hid everything else in its folds. Ted caught me unaware and did his usual trick of yanking up my underpants at the back and, of course, my sister Susan was there to see, which really embarrassed me. By the time Shiro had arrived to collect me, it being a Saturday, I had calmed down and was once more in a good mood. 

   “Well?” he asked as he hoisted himself out of the cab of his white van.

   Shiro and I had developed this friendly banter. I would make jokes about him chasing after young men and, in turn, he would make fun of my sex life or rather the lack of it.

   He had known I was going to the party last night and that I was very hopeful for afterwards. He had even supplied me with a rubber for just in case I was lucky.

   “What?” I answered trying to keep the smile off my face.

   Shiro started laughing, which made my cheeks grow hot.

   “Ah cat got your tongue then.” He said this, whilst he took the liberty of pulling me into a bear hug.

   We wrestled for a bit until I called enough and he let me go. 

   Of course, I told him all about last night’s adventure. Starting with the beer incident and how embarrassed I’d been over the sex, ending with Sam’s goodnight kiss and how I needed more rubbers.

   Also Sam’s brother needed some more pot, which Shiro supplied. Alan had discovered if he had a few puff of the weed when he got to the main road, it relaxed him enough for him be able to cross it and so get to school unaided.

   You see Shiro had this big secret he grew cannabis on the upper floor of the garage where he ran his garden maintenance business.

   The garage was at the rear of his parent’s property. I was there on one occasion loading some supplies into the back of his van, when I had an urgent need to use the toilet. Naturally the toilet was upstairs and, unfortunately, for Shiro, I opened the wrong door.

   The lighting to grow the plants would have cost him a fortune, except that a friend of his, who just happened to be an electrician, had jury rigged a cable that ran from the nearby lamppost.


   "Oh, My God," Sam had just phone. I suddenly felt scared. I rushed to the downstairs cloakroom, just getting there in time.  Sam had said she was late, not pregnant. Maybe it was a false alarm, and everything would be alright. After a while, I felt better and returned to the kitchen and breakfast. The cereal was now soggy, so I added a lot of sugar. It was at the front door when I was about to leave for school, that I had another panic attack and had to bolt to the cloakroom once again. This time to be violently sick.

   All morning I couldn’t concentrate.

   At break, Charley came over. “What’s wrong with you Joe?”

   “Have you got a cigarette?” I asked.

   “I thought you’d given them up.”

   "I have, but today I need one just to calm me down.” Of course, I couldn’t say anything as Alan was standing nearby.

   I sat in the toilet stall smoking and thinking. I knew very little about what girls go through each month. Hell, she had said she had used an after sex pill, that first time.

   Just my luck the one and only time without protection. God what if there was a baby.

   My thoughts where rudely interrupted by the noise of someone demanding money with a menacing voice.

   Ever so quietly, I opened my cubical door. What confronted me made my blood boil? It was Edwards, the bully. The boy who had made my life almost unbearable when I first started school. I had heard he’d been expelled, but oh no, he was standing there intimidating another victim.

   What happened next was a sort of blur. All I know it ended up with me standing there alone, my fists covered in blood, feeling better for having vented my anger and all my frustration. Now I felt able to face whatever the future might hold.


   This morning when I awoke, I was surprised to find I wasn’t in my own bed. After sitting up, I discovered as usual I was almost naked except for my underpants and, for some strange reason, I was still wearing my socks.

   I remembered going to work Saturday and telling Shiro all about Sam, and how I was dreading being alone as she would be away over the weekend

   He had suggested going for a drink. It wasn’t till we were inside the bar and I had had several drinks that I became aware that place was full of young men and no women. My memory was a bit vague as to what happened after that I think there were some men dancing. For a while, I just lay there trying to remember, until the call of nature forced me to get up and find the toilet. To my surprise, when I pulled down my pants several ten-pound notes fluttered to the floor.

   Puzzled I returned to the bedroom, where I found Shiro dressed in a floral oriental style robe, which really looked good on him. He was holding a basket of clothes, which looked uncannily like the jeans and shirt I wore yesterday.

   “You were sick all over yourself so I washed them,” he said, putting the basket on the bed.

   “Okay thanks, and you put me to bed, right. Well can you explain these?” I held up the ten-pound notes. “I found them in my underpants.”

   Shiro started laughing, “I think someone must have slipped something into your drink because you lost all your inhibitions. The owner of the club was really impressed and said if you wanted a job as a pole dancer, he’d employ you anytime, and he split the money you made fifty, fifty. So here’s your share. It comes to one hundred pounds. Oh by the way, a couple of your school mates thought you were cute.”

   Later that same day, while helping Shiro lay turf in the garden, my phone rang. It was a text from Sam. I could feel my heart beating ever so fast as I read the message. “Thank God,” I thought and immediately my eyes became moist with relief. Sam had said everything was okay now.

   After wiping my eyes and blowing my nose, I read the rest of the text. ‘Oh My God,’ someone had posted a video of me on YouTube under the tag SWAG. Shiro explained that SWAG stands for "Secretly We Are Gay"?

   I just wanted to go home and check it out, but Shiro said we must complete laying the turf first. Then, after that he insisted we had to thoroughly soak the finished lawn with water. Only then did let me go back home alone.

   No way did I want company for my first viewing of that internet video. Thankfully no one was home. My bedroom was as I had left it, duvet half off the bed and clothes lying on the floor.

   To my horror the video was really bad. Not only was I captured pole dancing shirtless with my trousers halfway down my legs, it showed men putting money into the waist band of my underpants and their hands doing embarrassing things.  God I must have been drugged out of my mind.

   It was unbelievable that someone would deliberately plaster a thing like this all over the internet. What if friends or family saw these images?

   How could I ever live this down? To my knowledge there was no way of deleting the images.


   I was alone in my bedroom watching the YouTube video once again. It was somewhat strange to see myself perform with such a lack of control. No way was I gay, yet it bugged me to think I could, even in a drugged state, allow such a thing to happen.  

   God, I felt sick and excited watching the men touching me even though they were paying for the privilege. Just the thought of the video being out there, posted on the net for everyone to see, terrified me, people would think I was gay.

   At least Sam and I had watched it together earlier. The quality was poor it being a phone video, yet good enough to show details of what was going on.

   At first, you were given an overview of the place. Next you were shown round the room, stopping now and then to look at people, eventually coming to rest where I just happened to be pole dancing. Although my body was in sharp focus; my face thankfully was not always. We both laughed at my gyrating. Sam even remarked that she had read in one of her magazines that many a gay porn star was really straight.

   I knew in my case but however much I denied it, some people would still say there’s no smoke without fire.

   It was on the third viewing, that I spotted the reflection of a boy in the mirror behind the bar.

   That’s when I remembered Shiro had mentioned a couple of boys from my school having said I was cute; presumable the other boy was taking the video with his phone camera.


   On Monday when I got to school, no one said anything to me about the video. I hoped it would stay that way. I had downloaded a single frame from the video onto my phone showing the bar with its mirror reflecting the boy I needed to identify.

   Unfortunately, the image was not that good, so, even though I asked around, no one seemed to recognise him.

   It was by pure chance that I discovered who he was.

   I had been walking through the park at lunchtime when who should I see but Alan. He was sitting on the grass with a group of his friends enjoying a shared joint.

   Taking my phone out, I decided there was no harm in asking if any of them knew who the boy was.

   I watched as my phone was passed around. Several of the boys thought they knew who he was but, unfortunately, no one could recall his name. 

   One boy’s reaction made me suspicious. His face went a bright red when he looked at the screen and immediately said “no,” then passed the phone quickly on. He had obviously recognised something because he refused his turn of the joint and started to get up to leave.

   “Not so fast,” I shouted. I pushed him hard so he fell backwards on to the ground. “Hand over your phone,” I said menacingly, with my fist raised as though to punch him.

   He lay there with his eyes closed and after fumbling in his pocket, he gave me his phone.

   Thankfully it was the same model as mine, so it was easy to access. Within a few seconds. I had discovered the offending video.

   After that It did not take me long to discover who his friend was, and to convince them both to delete the video from the net and their phones.

   The only problem I had now was that they both of them denied sending it to Sam.


   It was funny how that video brought Sam and me closer together. She, in private, now called me her porn star. Our main problem was getting time alone to do you know what. I had the condoms courtesy of Shiro but unfortunately although he had an empty bed in the garage, he said no it was too dangerous because of the precious weed growing upstairs.

   We did try to do it once in the park after dark but Sam saw a rat and, after that, we became aware of other nocturnal creatures.

   Another time I tried sneaking Sam into my bedroom, but as soon as we entered the house who should be there but Susan, my horrible sister

   We did manage it this one time in Mum’s car, which she sometimes parks in the double garage now it’s been tidied up. There was just enough room inside her five-door Volvo hatchback. I had found some carpet and with the back seats down and the rear door up we stripped naked and made out.  The suspension made a squeaking noise every time we bounced up and down.

   I saw a card placed in a local shop window stating that Mrs. Smith, who just happen to rent one of my grandma’s houses, wanted to let her spare bedroom.

   I had to laugh for she was the lady who Shiro and I thought must be running a knocking shop because every morning there was a different man leaving her house as we arrived to do the garden. Mrs Smith had been very understanding and accommodating when I approached her. She had thought it sad that a loving couple couldn’t find a place to be alone together. Of course, we didn’t tell her we were still under the age of consent if only by a few months.


   Sam and I were in bed enjoying just lying all alone at long last, when there was this thumping noise coming from the room next door. Apparently, our landlady was entertaining a client and the bed's headboard was banging against our wall as they made love.

   Just for fun we joined in. Soon our bed was thumping away like theirs, and don’t ask me how it happened, we climaxed at the same time.

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