Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


21. Sam's pain sc

Chapter 21 Sam’s pain

Helen had been right. I could see them through the plate glass window; they were there in the coffee shop. They looked so very cosy together, drinking their coffee and laughing. I watched them and felt a pang of jealousy as the girl Helen had said was Cathy reached over and with a tissue removed a lipstick kiss from Joe’s face.

    I walked past the shop and took a few deep breaths trying to calm myself down. If I wasn’t careful I was likely to go bursting in there and, in the heat of the moment, say or do something that would end our relationship.

   My phone rang. I flipped it open without looking at the display, “Not now, please Helen.”

   “No it’s me, Joe; I’m in the coffee shop. I saw you walk past. Have you time to come back here and join me?

   God, I thought, and just disconnected the call without saying a word. Hell what should I do? The phone started ringing again, but by then I had reached the entrance to the tube station and was running down the escalator. The ringing stopped, thankfully phones don’t work deep underground.


   After collecting coffee for two from the main counter, I took them over to the table where my friend Helen was waiting.

   “Helen you’re right, I saw them with my own eyes earlier through the glass window, sitting over there.” I pointed at the narrow counter running along the front of the shop.

    Helen nodded and stated, “Yes, that’s their usual place and they’ve been meeting each morning for over a week now.”

   Hearing this, I felt even worse than before, if that was possible. “So Helen what do you suggest I do?”

   “Well, let’s be blunt. If he’s looking elsewhere, you’re obviously not satisfying his needs.”

“God, I’m there for him whenever he wants me.”

   “Maybe he’s just bored. What you need to do is throw in some extra stuff, sort of spice it up a bit.”

   Just then my phone rang. It was Joe. He had sent me a text message, “Having friends over. Have house all to myself.    Expect you at eight. Bring change of clothes, if it’s alright for you to stay the night?” Joe.

   I showed Helen my phone, “See what I have to put up with.”

   “Well, I suggest when you get him into bed, teach, him a lesson he won’t forget,” Helen said. Then she whispered what to do in my ear and we both burst out laughing.


   I stretched and flexed my body. It felt so good. I had seen many a cat do the same and, after last night’s activity with Joe, it needed flexing. Helen, my best friend, was so right. She had said take control. Teach Joe a thing or two about how to pleasure a girl.

   Looking over at him now asleep, top half uncovered above the sheet, I could still imagine those strong arms holding me and his firm lips pressing against mine in a long seductive kiss. Moving my eyes down to Joe’s neck, I could see the spot where my teeth had marked him. Now everyone could see he was mine and taken. Hopefully that stupid bitch, Cathy, the one I had seen flirting with Joe, would get the message. No way was I giving Joe up without a fight.

   I smiled at the thought of the sex. I had certainly taught Joe a lesson he would remember. I had used my nails and teeth to good effect.

   Trying not to disturb Joe, I took a couple of photos with my phone camera. The head and shoulders shot showed the neck with its love bite. This I sent to my friend, Helen, with the text message ‘Well and truly branded now, don’t you think’.

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