Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


7. Sam S3

Chapter 7 Sam S3

Although I had called for Alan hundreds of times, it felt really strange today, because I was calling on his sister, Samantha or rather Sam, as everyone called her.

   It was just my luck, Alan answered the door, “Hi Joe, I wasn’t expecting you over.”

   “No, I was talking to Sam the other day and we sort of arranged to go see this movie.”

   “Hey that’s a good idea, what’s showing?”

   I was a bit hesitant, with my reply, “Nothing you’d want to see, Alan.”

   I watched as Alan just stood there thinking, then he exclaimed, “Good God, you don’t mean you’ve made a date with Sam.”

   “Yeah, I hope you don’t mind?”

   “Mind,” Alan repeated closing the front door behind him as he stepped out into the porch.

   I tried to move back but he grabbed me by my shoulder and bringing his face to a few inches from mine stated, “Yes I do mind. You’re gay and should come out to everyone and be with me, instead of fooling around with my sister.”

   Before I could reply, the door opened, and Alan releasing me moved away. Embarrassed we both started laughing.

   Sam came out looking great in trousers and a skin-tight top that showed her every curve.

   “What’s so funny?” she asked.

   “Oh it’s an in joke, replied Alan. “You get it, Joe?”

   “Yeah,” I answered, and thought, eyeing Sam, I really do hope so.

   Sam and I chatted as we walked. I wished I was old enough to drive a car but instead we would go by bus. Still it was great, for when we crossed the road, she held my hand and this contact was good.

   While waiting for our ride, I made my move. I was half sitting on those bum rails they call seats in the bus shelter, I spread my legs wide apart and pulled her in close trapping her hips between my thighs, in that position, we kissed. She felt so good resting against me like that. To make conversation I said, “You feel so good, Sam.”

   She answered, “Thank you and since you’ve given up smoking you smell great too,” she then snuggled up closer and we kissed again.

   Feeling slightly embarrassed,” I said, stating the obvious, “God you’re making me feel so hot.”

   “Can it, Joe. We’ve plenty of time for all that later.”

   God I thought, she’s still bossing me around. She had done that ever since we first met. Yet she had a point, I would be very embarrassed, if she moved away right then. So I thought of other things and thankfully, I had calmed down by the time the bus arrived.

   Once inside the cinema, looking round I could see there was this one clear space in the back row, ideal for a bit of fun and games later when the lights dimmed.


Other than school, my life changed dramatically. My Saturdays and Sundays were forever busy. During the day I would help this Japanese boy named Shiro maintain the gardens surrounding grandma’s rented properties, the ones mum managed for her. At first to pay off the money I owed mum for replacing the fence I damaged, then afterwards to supplement my allowance to pay for having a girlfriend, which I certainly hadn’t realised would be so expensive.


Shiro was a few years older than me. He had dark hair which he wore gathered up at the back in a sort of ponytail, like David Beckham’s but different. Shiro called his one a cue, which I learnt much later was a throwback to his samurai ancestors’ time.

   Girls would stop and make goggle eyes at Shiro while we worked in the front gardens, especially when he took his shirt off and exposed his rippling muscles.

   I had to laugh at the girls with all their flirting because Shiro was gay. I sussed that out at our first meeting when I caught him openly checking me out. I was wearing my oldest jeans, they were a bit threadbare and had a few holes in a couple of strategic places.

   To be honest, just like the girls, I felt sexually attracted to him.  He was handsome, especially with those slanting eyes I thought as oriental, they certainly turned me on. In fact, at first I found it hard to keep my eyes off him and, if he had made a move, I didn’t think I could have stopped myself.

   To make sure nothing would happen, I sent him a message that I was straight by asking Sam to call for me at the last house of each day.

   Shiro was great to work with, not to bossy yet he put me right about several important things.

   Work only the allotted time paid for.

   Leave everything neat and tidy.

   Remember what isn’t done this time will be done on the next visit.

   Never pull up a weed, just cut the top off so allowing it to grow back for the next visit.


After a while, I got used to not having my usual lie-in on the weekends. The only problem was getting up. Mum had refused to wake me, and so I had to rely on my phone alarm, as long as I remembered to set it!

   Another thing that really pissed me off was now I had a girlfriend, I wanted to stay out late. Mum insisted, even though I was almost sixteen, I had to be home by eleven o’clock.

   No way was I putting up with that, a curfew at my age was unthinkable. What would my friends say when I had to leave early just to go home to mummy? They would laugh and give me a hard time.

   I must admit it was quite funny, me challenging mum. Each time I would come home a few minutes later on purpose until it reached eleven thirty. That’s when she threatened to lock the front door.

   No way could I put up with this, I decided to test her by coming home after twelve.

   I found the door was well and truly locked so, instead of ringing the bell, I decided to climb up the drainpipe and get in through my unlocked bedroom window.

   This was a big mistake because within minutes of me getting into my bedroom there was a continues ringing of our front door bell together with banging apparently the man across the road was a policeman and he thought I was a burglar breaking in. Not only did this disturb my Mum, my sister and brother but also all our neighbours.  To say I was in trouble was an understatement



   Thankfully the police were very understanding.  I couldn’t believe Joe could do such a stupid thing. Just the thought of him climbing up the drain pipe to his bedroom made me feel sick. What if he’d slipped and god forbid had fallen?

   I was both so angry and relieved that Joe was alright.  I didn’t know what to do first to hug him or slap him.



   After the police had left and my brother and sister had gone back to bed.

   I stood in the hall waiting for Mum to explode. Instead she just gave me a look and without saying anything, she returned upstairs to her bedroom.



When I came downstairs to the kitchen the following morning I was pleasantly surprised to find Joe had laid the table and was already cooking breakfast. Apparently my not saying anything last night had worked a miracle.  



At breakfast I told Mum I was sorry She in turn made me promise never to do such a silly thing like climbing the drain pipe ever again.

Sam on the other hand was not so forgiving and wouldn’t answer her phone or reply to my text messages. According to Alan who took pleasure in telling me on the way to school that she was pissed off with me for putting my life at risk.

Thankfully by Saturday, party day she had forgiven me.


So there I was a few days after the incident with the police at this party with Sam just standing around, my foot tapping to the music, when slosh I was splattered from head to toe with liquid. Some charley had tripped and upended a whole jug of beer all down my back. I was soaked, I could feel the liquid running down my body inside my clothes.

   Sam came rushing over and taking my hand led me to the bathroom upstairs. It was horrible, the liquid had found its way into my shoes, so with every step I took there was this squelching sound.

   In the bathroom, I let Sam help me take my clothes off; the beer had seeped right through everything.

   Without thinking, I had stripped and got in the shower. Turning round, I found Sam had followed me in.

   “Wow! What a shock. We were both standing there naked. I felt shy and so exposed, I instinctively turned my back on her, god I was so embarrassed. Sam laughing picked up the sponge, and started to wash the beer from my body. After a while I turned around, the closeness was making me feel so good. I kissed Sam and we cuddled then made love in the cascading water of the shower.

   It was while I was drying myself that the thought hit me. Hell I hadn't used protection; the rubber I had was still in its wrapper in my wallet.

   Seeing my face fall, Sam asked, “What’s wrong?”

   “The sex was fantastic.” I said, and then I blurted out like a kid, “I didn’t use a rubber.”

   “God is that all,” Sam started laughing, “It’s alright. I use after sex pills and that has always done the trick.”

   That made me feel a lot better, so much so that that I wanted to do it again. On the bed this time it was much better than in the shower cubical. More room, less glass to worry about and certainly softer. Yet this time using the rubber, I had to admit was not as enjoyable as doing it without.

   My clothes were still wet and stinking of beer.  No way could I wear them. Thankfully the girl whose party it was lent me some of her brother’s clothes. Ok, they were a bit baggy but at least they were dry.

Later at Sam house we were having a long goodbye kiss when the porch light went on and off several times signalling to us that it was times for me to go home, reluctantly we parted.

   God I was so happy, I felt ten feet tall walking home, I was no longer a virgin.

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