Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


5. Robs Dilemma S2

Chapter 5   Robs Dilemma S2

God I was dying for a smoke. I was lying in bed with Gill, turning my head on the pillow, I could see she was still sound asleep. She looked rather angelic with that rounded face and those so kissable lips. Last night the sex had been very energetic to say the least. Yet afterwards there had been something missing. Out of habit I would have smoked a cigarette, but oh no, not with Gill. She had this thing about no smoking in the house. Something about her father having died of cancer, so I had ended up sucking, of all things, a menthol sweet.

   Slowly trying not to disturb her, I slipped out of the bed and made my way downstairs.

  In the kitchen, while waiting for the kettle to boil, I thought about my relationship with Gill. A few days ago we had taken Gills daughter, Susan, down to the seaside to stay at Gill’s mother’s place. The old woman had been charming, never once mentioning the difference between our ages. Later after we had returned home that night to Gills house in London, we had great sex, made extra wild by me glimpsing Joe, her younger son, in the dressing table mirror watching us.

   At first, the smoking was no big deal. I only saw her a few days a month when I was in the area working. I had to admit both Gill and her sons were always good for a laugh. Some of the antics her younger son got up to were very funny

   I had to smile when I thought of his run in with the dog woman and especially Joe’s method of getting even.

   Then there was Gill making Joe clear out the garage as part of his punishment for being suspended and, of course, the wheelbarrow accident.

   The latest thing was poor Joe being forced to work for Gill cutting hedges and mowing lawns in the properties she managed for her mother. All because the garage sale hadn’t made enough money to pay for replacing the fence he had kicked a hole in.

   The photo shoot yesterday had certainly been a good idea.  The photos on my computer showed that Joe and his friend Alan were certainly more than friends. Although very polite to each other, you could see something wasn’t quite right between them. Just the look on Alan’s face, when he watched Joe talking to his sister, said it all.

Leaving my freshly made cup of tea on the counter, I went to fetch my cigarettes.

“Damn the boy,” I thought. Gill had told me Joe had brought up the menthol sweets last night

   My coat was lying on the floor. I swore as I picked the coat up and discovered the box I kept my cigarettes in had fallen out, its contents now spread all over the floor.

   After collecting everything up, I went back to the kitchen,

   It was while repacking the tin that I realised something was missing. Because of Gill giving me a hard time over the smoking, I had hand rolled several extra strong special cigarettes only requiring a small amount of the weed to be smoked to get the buzz I needed. Where was the one that was partly smoked? Funny thing, after the last time I had stayed over I had had this feeling that the cigarettes in the box hadn’t lasted that long. Damn, this pointed the finger at Joe.

   “Oh hell,” I thought. If Gill found out, she would kill me. I needed to talk to Joe alone. 


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