Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


12. Party over sc

Chapter 12 Party over sc 

   It was three days after my party and everything in the house looked as good as new. Thank goodness the last of the workmen had just left.

   First, there had been a whole bunch of French polishers working day and night to restore the antique furniture to its former glory. Even the paintwork someone had written on was repainted. While all this was going on another lot were spring-cleaning the place. Shit, everything was better than new.

   Now the only marks left was those on my face. I had this black eye and the bruise on my cheek had turned a deep colour purple. When I laughed, it still hurt. The funny thing was when I phoned someone to say thank you for her cheque, she asked how my bash was, and of course, she was referring to the party not having seen my face. Both bruises were given to me on the evening of my birthday party I remembered I had just rolled back the carpet in the sun lounge ready for the dancing and was putting some music on, when all hell broke loose at the front door. Before I knew it, Edwards and his bunch of thugs were inside. He’d given me a one, two to the face; at least he hadn’t done any damage, not like I had done to him. Somehow, we chased them upstairs; little did I know that was exactly what he wanted.

   While Ginger, Alan and I were kept busy, other members of his gang were allowing a load of unwanted party gate crashers in. Only when Billy joined us did I realise the truth, by that time it was too late. In a lull I had rung Rob. Thankfully, both Rob and the police arrived almost together. It was a miracle nothing was stolen as the house was left wide open. For by then all my close friends were upstairs fighting. Sam is still complaining that she broke one or two of her finger nails.

   I had to admire Rob for being so cool in the way he dealt with the situation and getting everything back to normal. Even so, I think Rob, is more scared than I am, for my mum is due back tomorrow.

   If it wasn’t that several of mum’s friends had already contacted her to complain about the loud music and other things like the police coming around. I think we would have pretended it didn’t happen. But that would be wishful thinking.

   I still haven’t told anyone, that the Edwards boy was only getting even with me for the beating I gave him in the school toilets.

   When I’m a prefect this coming term, I think I will have to keep an eye out for Edwards.

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