Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


29. Moving on sc

Chapter 29 Moving on 

   Poor Sam’s in big trouble. Alan texted me to say their Mum had seen the selfie Sam had sent of us together at the wall and she was mad as hell because Sam had been telling her lies. All the time we’ve been together in Paris, she’s been pretending to be back at the farm with the other girls. According to Sam’s Mum, it’s all my fault. Thankfully, we’re both over the age of consent otherwise, knowing their Mum, I’d be in prison for having sex with a minor. My Mum has got in on the act now and has instructed me to send Sam home. No way will Sam go back home. She’s adamant that she’s staying with me and nothing anyone can say will make her leave. Thankfully, grandma had already transferred all the money she promised for the trip into my account. 


   Sam and I were now in Milan having travelled overnight by train from Paris.

   Whilst on the train, I got another text from Alan saying he and Brian were flying to Milan the following day. I replied they could stay with us in the apartment I had already rented from Paris, using the contacts Rob had given me. The apartment in Milan I had rented had a large kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom, all with doors opening onto a central living space. I was just coming out of the bathroom towelling my hair dry having had a shower, when Alan and Brian who had arrived while I was in there, confronted me. “Hi” I said greeting them, with a smile “How was the flight.” It was the expression of appreciation on both Alan’s and especially Brian’s face and seeing the direction they were looking, made me realised I could no longer walk around naked.

   To hide any embarrassment, I covered myself up with the towel I had been using and, not waiting for an answer, I retreated to the bedroom to put on some clothes. The problem with having them to stay was I usually slept naked and would now have to cover up just to visit the bathroom in the morning, that’s if I remembered. And oh yes no more sex outside the bedroom, unless we had the place to ourselves. Later that same day all four of us were out having lunch in one of the many restaurants near the cathedral. We had eaten the starter of olives served with real Italian bread, which tasted different from the bread I usually had back home. Thankfully, Alan and Sam had at last stopped arguing about her returning home with him and Brian in a couple of weeks. I had decided it best not to interfere. I found it funny that Brian still couldn’t look me straight in the eye without blushing, which of course gave me great pleasure, because it was a sort of payback for his stealing my best friend.


    I had to admit I did something stupid today. While up top of Milan’s Cathedral, I had stepped over the barrier surrounding the roof’s walkway and had climbed onto a jutting out parapet, then lying flat, I had inched my body along its length, trying to get as far out as possible, just to take a couple of photographs.

    No longer intent on getting that great shot, I had become aware that it was a long way down to the ground. The people below me, appeared so small, it was just like watching ants moving about. It’s funny how everything stands still at a time like this. I could see Sam’s pale blue floppy sunhat. She was sitting at our table in the square below. I had given her a wave but she didn’t respond. That’s when my phone had started playing its ringing tone. I was so surprised I almost lost my grip and fell. After that I had felt scared because I had no safety line attached to me. So I ignored the noise the phone was making and not looking down again, with heart pounding, I had moved backwards to the terrace and sanity. Once there I calmed down a bit. The phone by then had stopped its bloody racket. I looked around me at the Cathedral spires and had thanked God for keeping me alive and vowed never do such a thing again.


    Sam was waiting for me as I came around the corner of the Cathedral building. “You bloody idiot, you scared me shitless with your Spiderman Impersonation,” she screamed, grabbing me in a great big hug. “Hold on a minute,” I said, pulling free from her arms. “All I was doing was taking photos.” “Well from down here, it looked bloody risky to me,” Sam snapped. “And look at you, you’re only wearing sandals.” “Hell, don’t be daft. It was easy and nothing to worry about. It was like a walk in the park,” I insisted, handing over my camera, so she could download the photos I had just taken onto the laptop. Whilst she was doing this, I stood back and looked up at the ledge I had been crawling along; I must admit that someone watching from down here could think it was very dangerous. I would have to be more careful not to be seen next time. A waiter came out, so I ordered a coffee. By the time it arrived Sam had downloaded the photos. The coffee tasted incredible. It amazed me how looking around now everything had that extra special something. I felt so alive. “That’s the one we should use”, I said, leaning over Sam’s shoulder, pointing at the screen. “With a bit of manipulation it will be perfect.” “Yes, Joe. You’re right. It will illustrate the piece I have just written. It shows the area around the Cathedral as I’ve described it.” Sam turned to face me, her expression was very serious. “Please promise me you won’t do a crazy stunt like that again, because if something happened to you I don’t know what I’d do. I love you.”


   I can’t say Sam’s declaration of love improved things. In fact, there’s less sex, and it’s not just because of the boys sharing our apartment. For the first time since coming away Sam said no to having sex last night, which was doubly frustrating, as I could hear the boy’s having fun in the bathroom next door. Another thing I’ve noticed, Sam’s becoming bossy, instead of doing things for me, she now expected me to fetch and carry as if I was her personal slave. This reminded me of my time with Sin, but without the all-important sexual element. The boys didn’t help much as Brian was doing the same thing to poor Alan. This being together was supposed to be a laugh. I’m only just eighteen for God’s Sake, and there’s university and lots of other girls I’d like to know before settling down. I think I will be pleased when they’ve all gone home and left me alone.



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