Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


35. Joe sc


  Chapter 35 Joe

   Fuck, I’m fed up with Sam and this pregnancy lark, her snoring at night is driving me crazy. Most nights I end up sleeping on the settee in the front lounge, which I discover has its own problems, one of which is I end up in the morning with a stiff neck. The other is that Alan and Brian’s room is directly above me and it’s amazing how sounds travel in the night.                    


   “Hello Joe long time no see.” Sin said smiling. “Hi,” I replied and thought OMG. I had clean forgotten about maybe bumping into Sin when Rob had suggested I come along to the film studios today to help him take promotional photos for a Video about to be released.

   It’s funny how just the thought of hooking up with Sin again, while I set up the video camera for the star interviews, was making me hard. Yet thinking back, I haven’t had proper sex with Sam since the baby started to show.

   The following day I remembered to take a spare pair of underpants with me when I left the house. I had arranged to meet Sin after my morning lecture.


   I had forgotten how brutal Sin could be, she was into S and M and had punished me for not replying to the texted messages she had sent me. When I arrived back home that evening thankfully Sam wasn’t feeling well and had her supper in bed so she didn’t witness how uncomfortable it was for me to sit down.

   However, Alan had noticed and after waiting until Brian had fallen asleep, he came to visit me in the lounge. “Are you all right?” Alan inquired in a worried voice. “To be honest no,” I replied. “I’ve been stupid.”  “Well, what have you done?” Alan asked.

   I told him all about Sin and how I had run away to Europe to get away from her earlier that year, and how I’d hooked up with her again after a chance meeting all because I was so lonely and starved of sex.

   Alan made no comment but to just asked me to stand and strip. Then he gasped and declared. “OMG, you poor thing,” apparently Sin’s whip had nicked the skin on my back and bottom in several places.


   It took a few nights of Alan’s doctoring before I could sit down again without hurting. Yet in spite of the pain, it felt nice to have someone who cared about me. Unlike Sam who was only interested in herself and her unborn baby. Occasionally I was permitted to touch her body and feel the baby kick, otherwise most of the time I felt like a fucking slave merely there to fetch and carry.  Except for knowing Alan was there for me, I think I would have run away back to Europe.  



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