Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


32. Joe sc

Chapter 32 Joe

 Among the pile of post, waiting for my attention on the hall table was an envelope containing a copy of the travel club’s magazine. On its front cover was my photo of the Pompidou centre in Paris. Inside they had printed Sam’s article and illustrated it with several of my photographs, but equally important, they had mentioned both Sam and my names. Susan, after reading the article declared it reminded her of her school trip last year. Rob was impressed with the photos taken and we had a long discussion about the pros and cons regarding photo enhancement. At one stage he got out his laptop and showed me how to achieve a couple of things.

I tried phoning Sam but got no answer, she probably was taking a shower. 


   “Oh, My God.” I just sat there feeling numb. It was after the solicitor had said that Grandma had left Mum three hundred thousand pounds in her will. He had then continued to read aloud that she had left us grandchildren all her rental properties, placed in a trust fund. I felt rich, the only down side was we couldn’t get our hand’s on the money until we were much older.  Mum, according to the terms of the trust fund was to carry on managing the properties, until we became of age. The solicitor, Mr Jones, who was also to act as one of the trustees, advised that the information regarding the contents of the trust fund should be kept secret. I had never kept a secret in my life, well except for my relationships and a few other things of a more personal nature. This was different. After a discussion with Mum, it was decided that in my case, life would carry on as before. I would continue with my gap year and as, planned, afterwards go to university.


   When I arrived back in Milan, I stopped off first at the bar across the road from our apartment. Antonio served me with a cold drink and gave me a rather strange look. I noticed he had been studying last week’s local newspaper. Before I could ask him why, Alan and Brian appeared with their luggage. from my apartment building. Putting a note on the counter in payment, I left to say my goodbyes to them and to enquire if Sam was returning home with them.

   Sex with Sam felt different maybe it was because we hadn’t done it for well over a week. We had started in the kitchen, the boys having just left to go to the airport, leaving the whole apartment for us to have fun in.

   I was naked after taking a shower. Sam had slapped my bottom saying I was a naughty boy for staying away so long and had run off towards the bedroom where I had caught her and after a struggle. I found her stronger than I had thought, and not wishing to leave bruises on her arms, I let her pin me down on the bed and, for a change, I let her take control of the sex. She was nothing like Sin, but still it was very enjoyable. .                           


   “Hi.” I said to Antonio as I walked into the bar. “So she’s gone then,” he stated. “Yes,” I said. I had just returned from the airport where Sam had met up with the boys and they had all flown home. Antonio opened the newspaper he had been studying when I came in earlier that morning. He removed the centrefold page, and pinned it to the bar’s notice board. It was a picture of a naked girl with a star shaped tattoo on her inner thigh.



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