Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


22. Joe sc

Chapter 22 Joe 

   I awoke feeling hungry, well my stomach was rumbling. The room was partly lit by the outside street light. Earlier this evening Sam and I had come up to my mum’s room and had used the king sized bed. All I remember is Sam ripping off my shirt, buttons flying everywhere and our bodies colliding with such a force that it had taken my breath away. Sam had acted like an animal. My back felt sore where her nails had scratched it and my neck was tender where her teeth had been.

   Bathed in the soft light she looked so beautiful and vulnerable. Who would have believed she was capable of such violence.

   I felt both protective and at the same time happy, all thought of Cathy replacing Sam gone.

   My stomach was making loud noises now, it needed food so I slipped out of bed. Hell, I felt so sore, I wonder where else she has left her mark on me.

   Downstairs in the kitchen I found Alan, who just happens to be Sam’s brother, already there getting a drink. I had invited him and his boyfriend Brian together with a few others to stay the night. Exams had finished and there was no more school for any of us sixth formers, for we had now officially left.

   Alan’s first words shocked me, “God you were so noisy last night. “

   Puzzled I asked, “What noise?”

   “Shit, I thought the bed at one stage was coming through the ceiling and my sister shouting, “Ride it cowboy,” was certainly entertaining. And as for you Joe, at the end I think the whole street must have heard you.”

   I was feeling really embarrassed by then and said, “You heard us.”

   All Alan did was to pull out his phone and start to play the video recording.

   There on the small screen, I could see all my invited friends sitting in the lounge. It was quite a shock to see their faces, whilst they listened to the noise Sam and I were making.


    My eyes opened and I smiled as I became aware of Sam’s gaze. I shifted position to my side and faced her. My back was still stinging from her nail treatment of last night.

    She had been asleep when I had returned to bed after seeing Alan, so I had not had the chance to tell her what he had said. I wondered what her reaction would be when she learnt that everyone had heard us while we were in the throes of lovemaking.

   “Hi. You ok?” she asked smiling back at me.

   “You play rough, so I’m a bit sore, otherwise okay.”

   “Oh can’t the little boy take it?” Sam chided me, laughing.

   “Well you didn’t think me so little last night.”

   “Oh so you want a repeat performance,” she said moving closer.

   “Hold on a minute, I have something to tell you.”

   “And what might that be,” Sam said playfully.

   So I told her about seeing Alan during the night and everyone hearing our love making. To my surprise instead of being upset Sam saw the funny side and burst out laughing. 

   I also joined in, for two things had been established, Sam and I were officially a couple and no way could anyone think I was gay.



A couple of days after the noise incident I called on Sam at her home. When I rang the bell Alan opened the front door, there was no friendly greeting just, “Oh. It’s only you.”  He then shouted out, “Sam, Joe’s here,” and then ran upstairs. Sam’s greeting was more like it. The kiss and hug lasted a full five minutes.

   I asked Sam what was wrong with Alan and she told me he missed seeing Brian, they had a bust up and were barely on speaking terms.

   Don’t ask me why, but this pleased me. Now maybe Alan and I could be friends again for I certainly missed his company.

   Later when talking to Alan he confided in me that when he and Brian had stayed over at my place Brian had made sexual advances which Alan had rejected. 


   God today is the big day. Everyone is expecting to receive their exam results. I’m so worried that I can’t wait for the postman to arrive, so I cycle to school to have a look at the results posted on the notice board in the sixth form common room. It appeared that everyone else has the same idea because the place was crowded.

   Alan and Brian hugged each other when they saw their results, all animosity forgotten. I look for mine at the bottom of the W list.

   P Watts then mine J white. “Holy Cow,” I shout, I’ve got A+ in all my subjects. That will please Mum especially as there’s been talk of me doing a business course at university.



   Mum’s not happy Dad phoned from the States with congratulations and a suggestion that I might like to go to Harvard his old university in Boston. Apparently it was a White family tradition to go there if majoring in business. Of course, Grandpa White would pay and arrange everything. In fact, I wouldn’t even have to sit the entrance exam to get in.


   Fuck, I’m really pissed off. My Mum and Dad are fighting over where I’m going to study America or England. All my friends have their futures planned out. Ginger declared right from the start he was not going to university; he would be a millionaire by thirty. He was going to start by managing one of his uncle’s retail shops.

   Even Alan had his place for this coming year in an art college and had got it through pure talent according to him.

   I have decided to fuck them all and take a year out bumming around Europe.

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