Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


9. Joe more trouble S5

Chapter 9 Joe more trouble. S5

I was in the growing room above the garage, helping Shiro harvest the mature cannabis plants, when the red intruder lights started flashing.

   My immediate reaction was to feel sick to the stomach and head for the toilet.

   Later, feeling a bit better but still scared, I returned to the room to find Shiro looking at the security camera screen.

   He swore when he saw me and angrily said, “You bloody idiot I warned you the other day if this was to ever happen not to panic and certainly not to make any noise.”

   “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I needed to go. “

   “Oh, so you think switching the toilet light on and off showing everyone we were up here was better than soiling your pants! Then, to crown it all, flushing the pan afterwards, God they must have heard it in the next street.”

   “I said I was sorry. What more do you want?”

   “Silence would’ve been better.” Shiro then indicated that I should look at the screen.

   “Oh hell,” I thought. The screen was divided into three sections each one showing a direct feed from a camera concealed somewhere around the garden, all pointing at different sides of the garage. You could clearly see there were two men outside, snooping around; “Are they the police?” I asked.

   “No. See the big man standing by the front double doors, his name’s Kelly, he’s a real mean dude.”

   “Okay got that, so what about the fat man?” There on the screen I could see him stationed between the back door and the fire escape stairs.”

   “You don’t want to mess with our Peter; he enjoys hurting people too much.”

   “So with no way to go, we’re buggered, right?”

   Apparently not, Shiro had an escape plan. However first he suggested I get dressed, as I was still standing there in my underpants and sunglasses having stripped down earlier because of the intense heat generated by the lighting and foil covered window boards.

   Once dressed, I helped him remove a section of the wall, exposing an area in the eaves where we could hide, together with at least one of his cannabis plants.

   Before we replaced the wall section, Shiro first quickly switched off the intruder lights then disconnected the security monitor. This he brought back together with the vacuum packing machine into our shrinking hiding space.

   Within minutes of replacing the wall section, there was a loud cracking noise, which I could only imagine, was the fire escape door at the top of the iron stairs, being forced open.  Then there was the sound of heavy footsteps coming down the hallway towards our room and hiding place. I must admit by then my heart was thumping fit to bust. I was about to ask a question when I felt Shiro’s hand cover my mouth, to shut me up. For a while there was a lot of noise coming from the room but funnily no talking. Then suddenly there was a deadly silence. It seemed to me to last for an eternity before Shiro ventured out.

   To my amazement the place, had been stripped of everything to do with cannabis. If Shiro wanted to start again it would be from scratch. Thankfully, he had saved one plant from which to take cuttings.

   It was several days later that a report in the papers got my attention. It was all about the theft of electricity by people running cannabis farms and how the police were cracking down on them.

   That’s when I decide never again to set foot in the hot room. I should have realised Shiro was trouble; especially after the gay bar incident and all that followed.


The airport was busy; police were everywhere, patrolling with guns.

   Mr Jenkins, our art teacher, was taking a few of us on a daytrip to Paris.

   The security line, Alan and I were in, was taking forever.  Finally, it was my turn. Shoes off, belt removed, backpack and everything put on a conveyor belt, and then walk through body scanner.

   Once through, I retrieved my things and was in the process of getting dressed again, when this dog came charging towards me, dragging the policeman holding its lead in tow.

   I panicked. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it was the razor sharp teeth or the glint in the dog’s eyes, which made me turn and run.

   Unfortunately, although I had replaced my belt I had not fastened the buckle so within a few strides, I found myself lying on the floor with my jeans around my ankles.

   God I felt so foolish. Worse still, several of my classmates had taken pictures with their phone cameras showing the dog, paws resting on my now bare legs with saliva dripping from its mouth on to the front of my white under pants. That really pissed me off. Soon everyone in school would think it funny.

   When searched no drugs were found on me.  The problem was my jeans; they stank of cannabis.

   Later Alan told me he had been scared they might search the group as he had a couple of joints on him.

   We were friends. Although he never mentioned anything about me being gay and coming out again, I could tell by the look on his face, when occasionally I caught him looking at me, that he still had feelings for me. I had to admit occasionally I missed our blind man and his dog act. Apparently Sam had let slip about our arrangement with Mrs. Smith


This morning, when I came down for breakfast there were two piles of envelopes. The one on the hall table were those delivered during the week, the other was today’s post it was laying on the floor by the front door. Collecting both lots, I took them with me into the lounge, where I vaulted like a gymnast over the back of the settee to land with a thump onto its cushioned seat. In my mind, I could hear the roar of the crowd.

   Settling myself down comfortably, I started opening the envelopes. Some contained just cards, others cards with cash, and a few had cheques. A couple had silly badges with the age sixteen plastered on them. God, I thought, some people must think I’m still a baby.

   When I got to today’s post, I had to sort through it. There were a few for mum and some cards for me together with this official looking envelope from school. I swore, all my happiness went away, I had been dreading this letter all holiday.

   Just then, the doorbell rang, so tossing the envelope on to the glass coffee table, I went to find out who was at the door.

   “Happy birthday, Joe,” It was my Sam, she was back. I gave her a great big hug and a kiss. I felt so happy my girlfriend was home.

   “How was your birthday?” I enquired. “Did you get the cake?”  She had been on a cruise and I had arranged for a cake with her name written on it. Hopefully it had been presented to her at the table after dinner on her sixteenth birthday.

   Sam started laughing. “Yes, it was a lovely surprise.” She then kissed me again.

   I eagerly took Sam into the lounge to show off the pile of cards I had opened. We had a good laugh when she produced hers, especially as it had one of those daft age badges attached, which she insisted I wear.

   I told Sam that my mum had been called away earlier that morning as grandma had taken a tumble. Thankfully Susan had gone with her. So it was left up to us, to get everything ready for the party.

   Sam helped me open the sliding doors, which divided the dining room from the sun lounge extension, then to arrange the furniture. Next, we checked out the food, that mum had already had prepared on plates in the fridge, and would only need taking out an hour before the party.

   I was sorting out the drinks and Sam was tidying up the discarded envelopes, when she found the unopened school letter. “Hey, you’ve missed this one,” she announced, bringing it over to me.

   She must have realised by the expression on my face something was wrong.

   “What’s wrong?” Sam asked, “Why the long face?”

   “I hate getting letters from school.”

   “You big baby, frightened of a little letter,” Sam laughed as she tore it open and started reading. “Oh My God,” she screamed.

   “I didn’t mean to do it,” I moaned quietly.

   “Do what?” Sam asked, eyeing me with suspicion.

   “Nothing,” I said, shutting up, realising I had said too much already.

   “Okay, I’ll let you off this one time as it’s your birthday.” Holding the letter in front of her, Sam scanned it and read aloud only the important part, “By popular demand you have been voted to the position of Prefect for the coming year.”

   “Great,” is all I could say. I was very relieved for I was expecting to hear I’d been expelled, because near the end of last term I had come across the bully, Edwards, and had beaten the crap out of him.

   I know it was no excuse but I was feeling so stressed out, as Sam could have been pregnant.

   There was always the possibility he hadn’t known who had assaulted him. I had attacked him from behind while he was intimidating a first former in the toilets. Maybe when he turned the shock of me punching him in the face, breaking his nose and, I think, some teeth and then kicking him in the rear as he ran off, made him keep quiet. Anyway, this letter rather suggested something like this. It was typical of Ted not to have told me about becoming a perfect.

   “Now what’s this dark secret?” Sam asked, stepping in close and flinging her arms around me in a tight embrace.

   “Stop it,” I said pushing her half-heartedly away “We still have things to do. “

   “But it’s your birthday and we’re all alone in the house, and I’d like to give you my present.” With that, Sam moved in again and started rubbing her body seductively against mine.

   “Well I suppose we could take a short break,” I said with a grin on my face. Taking Sam’s hand, I led her upstairs to the king sized bed in my mum’s room.

   The sex this time was pure magic. There was an element, of something special that had not been there the other times, a sort of freedom of expression. I could feel in her responses that she felt the same. It was while we were doing it the second time that there was this continuous ringing that clawed me back to reality. It was the blasted doorbell ringing. “Bugger it,” I shouted out in frustration as I rolled off Sam.

   Sam got up off the bed and walked naked to the window to take a look. Wow! She had a fantastic body I thought, watching her move.

   “It’s a GPO delivery van,” she announced, as the ringing stopped. “Oh there’s a man carrying a parcel and he’s leaving.” She lifted the net curtain and banged on the window. She apparently got his full attention because soon after the doorbell started ringing again.

   “Shit,” I said. Getting up, I then rushed from the room to go downstairs. Passing the bathroom, I grabbed a towel and thankfully remembered to wrap it around me as I opened the front door.

   It was a young postman, he gave me a knowing smile and said, “Sorry to interrupt you, but I have a parcel for a Mr Joe White.”

   “Yeah, that’s me.”

   After I signed, he gave me the parcel and as he was leaving remarked, “Give her one for me.”

   When I told Sam what he had said, she burst out laughing.


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