Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


26. Joe and

Chapter 26 Joe and

“No way,” I couldn’t believe my eyes for there was one of my favourite actors and instead of being six foot, tall, as portrayed on the screen he was only five foot nothing. Apparently he only looked tall because of the camera angles used.

    I was with Sin, short for Cindy the Continuity girl for the film then in production Rob had arranged with her boss the script supervisor, to allow Sin to take me onto the film set for a brief moment between takes.

   Sin had first confiscated my phone and locked it away then she had given me two basic rules to follow before taking me on the set. No talking unless she initiated it. No wandering off, that meant keeping close to her at all times. Of course we stayed much longer than intended and I heard someone shout, “Quiet, Action and then the sound of the clapper board which later I learnt had the scene and take number written on it.

   The thing that really fascinated me was the sight of two old men talking to each other off camera not verbally but using their hands in a form of sign language. 


   I found Sin a real bossy boots. All morning she told me what to do and where to stand. It got so bad that I could almost imagine us being in bed together, and her telling me where to put my cock and how to perform. However, I did learn a few interesting things while following her around. Apparently there was more to film making than just taking pictures. A lot of thought and work had been done during preproduction time. For instance, her father, who just happened to be the script supervisor, together with the producer and director had broken down everything into minute-by-minute scenes. 

   Sin explained that to save time and money, scenes could be grouped together and shot out of sequence. For example, according to the storyboard, which showed the entire film in sketch form, scenes two, five and eight were to be staged in the house, using many of the same props, and lighting Therefore they could be shot one after another on the same day.

   Of course both the makeup and wardrobe people would be there in attendance, together with a mix of actors for each scene.  Later at the editing stage, each scene would be cut, and then slotted back into the correct order.

   Sin’s main job was to ensure continuity and consistency, especially, in matters of dress, and make-up, in successive shots of the film, and when filming on different days. 

   At lunchtime, all production stopped, and everyone had half an hour to eat the lunch provided before going back to work. 

   Unfortunately, during lunchtime the young boy playing the kid in the film fell over and hurt his leg. 

   Sin really amazed me instead of being upset she just made a phone call and, everything was sorted. Apparently when casting for a child part in a film it was usual to try to find identical twins to use, unlike in a stage play were you could get away with a look alike to fill in on the day. 


   Oh, my god, this was a first for me. I had only been joking when I had thought of having sex with Sin and her telling me what to do in bed.

   It had started out with me asking her to the pub for a drink. Then being made to look small in front of her when the barman had refused to accept my false ID, and, to crown it all, she had to buy me a drink in the food section of the pub. Afterwards Sin had insisted we should go back to her place.

   Once there she started bossing me around as she had done all day and, don’t ask me why, I sort of obeyed her every wish.

   The next morning my body was very sore not like the time when Sam had acted like an animal but in a different way. The sex had been unbelievable good. 

   Thankfully Sin had not left a love bite on my neck like Samfor me to cover up. Yet I did feel strange in myself for meekly doing her bidding in bed last night. If there was a next time, I would show her who the man was.


   I was with Rob in the film lot’s actual photo studio and was helping set up the main camera and tripod, when Sin arrived with a couple of the actors in tow for Rob to do his magic. 

   Rob was occupied explaining to the actors what he wanted to achieve, when Sin came over to me and, whilst greeting me with a kiss, she put her hand down the front of my jeans and had a good feel around. “I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight,” she said, gently patting me down there. Then left she after smacking me on the bottom. 

   The session with Rob and the actors went well. I certainly learnt a lot about studio work. It was while we were packing up that Rob remarked, “I saw the exchange you had with Sin earlier. Be careful, I understand she eats young men like you and spits them out when she’s done.” 

   Later that evening I was with Sin in her bed lying on top of her in control or so I thought. That was until she proved she was stronger than me by flipping us over so I was underneath her with my thighs firmly between hers, she then squeezed me tight until it hurt. I tried to push her off, but she laughingly held my wrists until I stopped struggling and submitted to the power she had over me, I vowed to myself never to go with her again. 


   It was over two weeks and I was still seeing Sin, I enjoyed the attention she paid me while we were out and about in public. We went dancing and she would openly make sexual advances which I found both embarrassing and stimulating at the same time.  

   The problem was in the bedroom. She would change and become so domineering and shout at me if I didn’t comply to her every command. At our last session she had actually used a long ruler on me saying I had been a naughty boy, after which I had difficulty sitting down on the bus going home. 


   My phone announced a call from Sin. Again, I ignored it. My hand holding the phone started shaking. It took all my willpower not to answer it. The next call was a text, this time Sin commanded me to call her back or else. Enough was enough. No way could I let this compulsion carry on, it had to stop. Like a drug, the violence would increase as time passed, and I was afraid I was beginning to like it and wanted more.

   I had confided in Rob. I had to get far enough away or I would run back to Sin. I was desperate. He had to get Mum to agree to let me go to Europe.


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