Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


27. Joe and Sam sc

Chapter 27 Joe and Sam sc

   Thank God, Sin can’t reach me anymore.  I‘ve changed my phone and let only my friends know the new number, so hopefully that’s that. Yet I still find I jump every time it rings as I’m afraid it could be Sin. 

    Rob has been marvellous, he’s worked a miracle, I’m off to Europe. Before he tackled Mum, he got me this job taking pictures for a travel club to put in their monthly magazine. It’s really a nothing job and I will only get paid on results, but it did the trick. This meant a lot to Mum, for officially I’m no longer bumming around Europe. She can hold her head up high and now tell all her friends that I’m a photographer, working in Europe for a travel company. The other most important thing was that grandma had, as promised, financed the whole trip and most generously, I have to admit.  


   Sam was waiting for me when I arrived in France I had to laugh when I saw her, all decked out in dungarees and a pair of kick arse boots just like one of those farm hands seen on TV. The only difference was her hair it was tied up with a ribbon and she looked very healthy and extremely suntanned. She gave me a kiss and a welcoming hug, and then drove me to the farm in an old Land rover. 

   The sleeping arrangements were not what I had expected. There were two large tents, one was for the girls and the other was for visitors. I had to sleep on a camp bed, alone in a tent that could accommodate ten people. To say I was somewhat pissed off was an understatement. 


   During the night Sam visited me and we put two beds together and piled them high with several of the mattresses from the other beds to make it nice and soft. Then we had sex. The only thing missing was competing with Mrs. Smith and one of her clients in the next room. 

   Afterwards, when Sam returned to the other tent, I began to miss doing it with Sin. 


   The next night I waited for Sam to arrive. It was well past midnight and there was no sign of her. It must have been because of the raging storm over head, keeping everyone up, so stopping her from slipping away. The rain hitting the tent roof was certainly loud. Only dressed in my underwear, I decided to have a look outside. Thankfully the tent entrance had a space between the outer and inner doors, otherwise I would have let the driving rain in when I opened it. Standing at the entrance I found it fascinating if not a bit scary, to hear the thunder crash overhead and see the bolt of lightning shooting down from the clouds above, lighting the surrounding farm and land.  

   That’s when I saw this figure running towards me. It was Sam. By the time we met, we were both soaking wet and without talking, we stripped naked and lay down right there and then on the grass and had glorious sex accompanied by the violence of the storm raging overhead.  

   When we got back to my tent, we were like two drowned rats. Thankfully there were plenty of towels available to dry off. 

   This time with Sam sleeping by my side I felt relaxed and content once again.


   Poor Sam was in troubled. She had missed her turn milking the cows this morning, all because I had let her sleep, and so of course it was my fault, and I was now in the doghouse. Hopefully tonight I shall once again be forgiven. In the meantime, I have been busy taking photos and of course chatting up the other girls. To be honest, if I was here alone without Sam, there was this one girl who I wouldn’t say no to. In fact, if she was willing it could still happen. 

   Sam must have been keeping her eye on me for she came barging into the tent, demanding to know what was going on. Thankfully, the girl and I were still dressed. Of course, I gave the lame excuse of wanting to show the photos I’d taken of the girl on my laptop. I had never seen Sam so angry. She told the girl to get out and then turning to me she declared that tomorrow morning we were leaving, with that she left. Later that evening the sex was really great.


   This has to stop I can’t be forever getting Sam angry with me just to get a good feeling from sex. Damn Sin if I’m not careful Sam will leave me. I have to find something else to give me the buzz I need.


   Surprisingly, Sam had never been to Paris so I had the pleasure of showing her around. At first, we stayed in a small hotel near the bus station. Our room was on the top floor. At night the heat inside the room was almost unbearable so we had to leave a window open. Unfortunately, this let in the noise of the buses going in and out of the bus station all night long. We quickly moved and rented a small apartment in the artist’s quarter. Each morning we would go down to the bar for breakfast. Then we would head out for a day of sightseeing.



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