Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


4. Joe and Menthol sweets S2

Chapter 4 Joe and Menthol sweets S2

   It felt strange being here all alone in our big house. My family had all gone and left me. My brother, who belonged to the school cadets, was away playing at being a soldier somewhere in the countryside for two weeks.

   My mum, had taken my sister, Susan, to visit our grandma at the seaside and had left her there for a week.  She would be returning home well after midnight, as she liked to drive at night, so as to avoid the day time traffic into London.

   Unfortunately, Alan’s Leg had mended, so he was no longer here to comfort me, which was a shame. Although I wasn’t gay, he had declared he was, and we had some fun and games sex wise while he was here, meaning I suppose I was a bit gay. One thing I did know for certain was that I liked girls. Maybe through Alan I could get to know his sister, Samantha, who was staying home during the spring break.

   I woke up with a start as I could hear voices. It was my mum and her boyfriend Rob coming upstairs. They were talking and laughing. They walked straight past my room without stopping. Mum must have forgotten I was still at home, because very shortly after they entered her room, I heard them at it. Apparently they had left the door open.

   Slipping out of bed, I quietly tiptoed down the corridor.   Although I had watched couples having sex on the internet, I wanted see it for real.

I had discovered when I was Susan’s age while playing hid and seek that the built in storage cupboard, on the landing opposite my parents’ bedroom, had a mirror attached to the inside door.

   Thankfully tonight they were making so much noise I was able to open the door without alerting them. I had found that if you opened the cupboard door to a certain position, the mirror attached allowed you to see through the dressing table mirror to what was going on in the bed.

   Not only had they left the door open but the light on. So I was able to see everything they were doing which I found somewhat gross at first. Soon however, I became aroused to the extent that my legs felt wet when Rob finally stopped.

   That night, back in bed, I dreamed of having sex with Samantha.

   The following morning, I was out of the house early before anyone had got up. I returned later to greet my mum and her boyfriend having breakfast, apparently they had taken Susan down to grandma’s in Rob’s car. Wow!  I thought that sounded serious to me. I pretended to have been asleep when they had arrived home in the early hours of the morning, saving everyone embarrassment.

   Most of the morning I followed Rob around, watching him take a shit load of photos of mum posing in different outfits, using our house and garden as backdrop. Apparently he was a fashion photographer. At one point he showed me how to use his spare camera, which was really nice of him.   

   While waiting for mum to get lunch, he showed me the photos I had taken on his laptop computer. Compared to his, mine were crap. He thought I had the eye for it and with a little practice I could be good.

   After lunch, Rob nodded to mum and declared smiling, “Joe, I think it’s your turn to model for me.”

“No way,” I said and laughed. Just the thought of it embarrassed me.

   Mum chipped in “Why not?” Then she smiled “I have an idea, both of you come with me,” She led us upstairs to the top of the house into the attic, which was full of junk. Mum moved a few things and uncovered a trunk which was full of hats. Not just ordinary ones, they were theatrical hats once used for some long forgotten amateur production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Pirates of Penzance’.

   Mum looked around and found others cases. They contained costumes, which was awesome.

   “How about dressing up as a British sailor Joe?” suggested Rob holding up one of the jack-tar hats.

   Mum delved into the costume trunks and brought out a pair of bellbottom trousers and a sailor’s top. “These would fit you and with the hat Rob’s got, you’d certainly look the part.”

   “Sorry, no way am I doing it alone,” I said laughing, and thought I could imagine my school friends taking the piss seeing me dressed up like that.

   “What a good idea,” Mum said, “Why don’t we see if your friends can come over make a party of it?”

   Shit no way could I get out of this without being rude to Rob.

   Ginger wanted to know if I had got hold of one of Rob’s special cigarettes yet. He only came over when I suggested that if Rob stayed late taking photos he would stay over and I would nick one.

   Billy and Charley were both keen on dressing up.

   Instead of phoning Alan, I walked over hoping to see his sister, Samantha. Thankfully they were both home. Alan wasn’t too sure about coming over for the photo session, but Samantha thought it would be fun and wanted to go. So, of course, he had to agree. As we walked back to my house, Alan tried to hold my hand, which felt wrong, as I was trying to chat up Samantha.

Later in the spare bedroom when we were alone changing into our costumes, Alan confronted me.

“I’m sorry about before, trying to hold your hand, but I’ve missed you so much Joe,” Alan said.

“Well, yes, I’ve missed you too,” I replied, for since he had left, I had felt lonely at night.

“So I see you haven’t come out to your mum yet.”  

“About what?” I asked somewhat puzzled. 

“That you’re gay.”

“Don’t talk rubbish I’m not gay.”

“Yes you are. No straight guy would’ve done the things we did at night.”  Alan said, referring to our sex games.

“Shit man, I was only fooling around taking advantage of the situation,” I declared.

“What about the kissing then?” Alan asked.

“If I remember it was you who was forever kissing me. And for your information, I like girls,” with that, I walked out of the room. I made sure we were never alone again that day

   Mum had found an old CD of the opera, so we all danced around in the garden with the French doors open and the music blaring out. Rob took loads of photographs of us in different costumes, until it started to rain. That’s when my friends went home.


Hell, once again the noise coming from my Mum’s bedroom was driving me crazy. It was their second night of having sex, but this time with the door closed.

   I decided it was now or never, while they were busy, I nipped downstairs to find Rob’s coat.

   Mum has this rule of no smoking in the house. She had made poor Rob go outside after supper to light up, which I found rather funny. Seeing him standing there with umbrella up, rain dripping down where the tear in the fabric was, surrounded by a haze of smoke.

   If anyone had asked me, I would have suggested using the garage. That’s where Ginger and I would hang out when it was raining. I had set up two of the folding chairs and a card table. We had also discovered an old microwave oven that still worked. That was very handy as I liked curry and that was another thing mum had banned from the house. All because she couldn’t stand the smell.

   Rob’s coat was where he had left it next to the front door, hanging on a peg. It still felt a bit damp from where the rain had dripped on it.

   I soon discovered a set of keys, a lighter and a packet of menthol sweets, nothing else. “Shit,” I thought, “where was the box?”

   From upstairs, I heard their bedroom door open and then footsteps moving along the corridor.

   In my frustration I must have moved the coat in such a way that the box slipped out of an inner pocket and fell to the floor with a resounding loud noise. I just froze. Hell I thought let it not be Rob.

   “Joe what are you doing down there?”

   I must have been holding my breath for I let it out with a gush.  “Nothing Mum,” I shouted back up.

   “Okay. While you’re down there, Rob wants his packet of menthol sweets. He says they’re in his coat pocket, so be a dear and bring them up for me. I won’t be long; I’m just going to the loo.”

   I switched on the light. Got down on my hands and knees, and put back the few cigarettes that had fallen out, when the tin’s lid had come off.

   Before replacing the lid, I took a hand rolled cigarette that Ginger had asked for then put the box back in the coat’s inside pocket and collected the packet of menthol sweets. I was about to go upstairs when the thought struck me, Rob would know something was wrong when he opened the box.

   I took the coat off its peg and just dropped it onto the floor. How careless of me, I thought, as I went up the stairs.


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