Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


13. Gill's home again sc

Chapter 13 .Gill's home again sc

   “Oh no,” I exclaimed when I saw Joe’s face; he had come out to the taxi to give me a hand with our things. I had just returned home with Susan from my mothers, leaving her in the capable hands of my Aunt Agatha, who had driven all the way down from Scotland.

   I grabbed Joe by his arm, stopping him from moving away so that I could have a proper look at his face.  The bruising looked really nasty. Thankfully it didn’t seem that his nose was broken. “What happened?”

   “Ah leave off mum,” Joe pulled away and headed for the front door.

   “Who did that to you?” I demanded as I followed him back into the house.

   “I’ll tell you later,” he called out, as he disappeared upstairs with our cases.

   I felt upset that I hadn’t been at home, but I couldn’t be in two places at once.

   I was pleased to see that the inside of the house was not the total mess I had expected. In fact the place appeared unusually tidy.

   Joe came back downstairs and followed me and Susan around as we inspected each room in turn.

   It was only when Susan pointed out there were no marks on the dining room table, where she had spilt hot soup which had damaged the surface, that I realised something was up.

   “Well?” I demanded.

   I became more and more upset as Joe explained what had happened at the party, and began to appreciate how much Rob had done for me by arranging for everything to be put back as it was. Thankfully my bedroom and Susan’s had been locked at the time so suffered no damage. I must remember to thank him in some special way.

   Joe informed me that Alan was not the only one in trouble with the police. Shiro had been arrested for growing cannabis.


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