Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


24. Gill sc

Chapter 24 Gill sc

“Dam Joe,” I thought I had come home after my meeting with my accountant to find Joe gone.

In his bedroom on the bed I found a letter addressed to me together with his phone.

    In his letter, Joe had written that he was going to Europe and would be back in a few weeks and he was leaving his phone, so I couldn’t contact him. He had ended it with, “Sorry Mum have to get away, love you.”  


Joe had been gone three days. I sent him several emails but had got no reply’s. Even his friends were getting a bit worried because Joe had apparently vanished, he was not Tweeting, using Face Book or emailing them, which according to everyone I spoke to was really strange. 

    I was on the phone talking to Rob when Susan came running in waving a post card shouting, “It’s from Joe.” Apparently he was in Paris, France having a great time seeing the sights and living the life. Then a couple of weeks later there was another card this time from Spain, then one from Italy.

   Sam, his girlfriend, called saying he had sent her a card with a hotel phone number and that she had spoken to Joe. He was alright and was coming home. 

 She also laughingly explained why the dumb ass son of mine hadn’t replied to my emails. It was because he had left his phone behind and so didn’t have the passwords to access his accounts, and as for contacting his friends he didn’t have their numbers because he usually used the phones speed dial to ring out.   


     I had gone with Sam to meet Joe and was waiting at Arrivals when he appeared, or rather someone who looked like him. Instead of the smartly dress boy I was expecting, this unshaven hippy stood there in his place. His hair was long and tied at the back, in a ponytail. Oh my God. His jeans looked old and discoloured with gaping holes showing bare skin in places especially at the knees and, as for his shoes, they look sturdy enough but needed a good lick of polish.

   “Hi Sam, Hi Mum,” Joe greeted us.

   I should have been cross but I was too happy to see Joe safely home again. The six weeks he had been away had been pure hell for me. At night I would stay awake for hours wondering how he was and imagine all sort of terrible things happening to him.

   I had even contacted the police who had agreed to circulate Joe’s photo as a missing person because he was still only seventeen.


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