Joe's Story

The growing pains of a teenage boy


11. Bad news for Gill sc

Chapter 11 Bad news for Gill

   I had been forced to leave Joe to put out the food I had already prepared and sort out the house for his birthday party. My mother, had fallen and so needed my help.

   It always amazes me how fast bad news travels, while making breakfast on the following morning I got the first call.

   Carline rang, she sounded somewhat irate. Her son Alan, Joe’s best friend had been arrested for the possession of drugs. She told me it was entirely my fault. I had allowed Joe and her son to hang out with Ginger. She even reminded me that she had pointed out at the time that the boy would be a bad influence, having been suspended from school at the same time as Joe for smoking pot.

   As she hung up my friend Betty phoned with the news that the noise and general drunken behaviour at Joe’s party the previous night had upset my neighbours. So much so, that they had called the police.

   Next Rob phoned.

   “Hello, Gill, how’s your mother doing?”

   “She’s still not good. Thank you for asking. By the way I understand there were problems at Joe’s party?”

   “Oh so you’ve heard.”

   “Yes I’ve had a few phone calls suggesting the party got out of control and police were called.”

   “To tell you the truth Joe had a few problems, but don’t worry your pretty little head about them, I’m here to sort things out. The main thing is for you to look after your mother.

   Unfortunately that’s all I could do so without asking for more details, I left it at that. I was just thankful that Rob was there to deal with it.

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