Hidden Infatuation (1D Fanfiction)

An infatuation with someone is normal... But for Lauren, it isn't. To find out more, read this story. I hope you all like it :)


1. Chapter 1 - Expressing Feelings

"LAUREEEN! Wake up! Its a school day!" Urgh. I'm still sleepy!


"I'm up DAAAD!" I shouted back.


I jumped out of bed then into the bathroom. I did all the daily things then I ran downstairs and headed straight towards the door.


"Aren't you gonna eat breakfast?!" My dad called.


"Nooo." I turned around. "I'm gonna be late if I don't leave now. Its already 8:15." Then I left.


I walked to school comfortably wearing my black jeggings, peach blouse, and white flats with my floral bag and 3 books in my hands while my temporary curly hair is flowing through my back.


When I arrived, I went to my locker and just as expected, I saw my best friend walking towards me.


"Hey Lauren!" She greeted with a perfect smile upon her lips.


"Hey Chrissy! Thank god I'm not late. Or I'm gonna add another 'Late' slip to my pinboard." I joked. But its kinda true. I DO collect all the 'Late' slips I get. Which is, A LOT. You know, just for a remembrance.


"Yeah. Well, that's just a miracle." She joked with a laugh. =___=


"VERY FUNNY, CHRISSY!" Note the sarcasm.


"Haha! CHANGE TOPIC! I got some gossip for you."


"What is it?" I asked suspiciously.


"Zayn and Perrie broke up." I froze. THEY BROKE UP?! #^^&*&%y$refcsvb SO WHAT?


"Pfft. So?" I answered hiding my excitement.


"DUDE! YOU'VE BEEN CRUSHING ON THAT GUY EVER SI---" I cut her off by covering her mouth. ALL the students are looking at our way! Chrissy is actually well-known here as THE blabber-mouth. I dragged her into the janitor's closet near my locker.


"DUDE! When it comes to HIM, would you tone down your voice?!" I said, frustrated.


""Well, sorry. As I was saying, DUDE! You've been crushing on that guy ever since like, the 3rd grade!"


"So?" Always my answer when Chrissy gives me updates about his lovelife. I have nothing to say and what was I suppose to say, right?


"So you have a chance! ^___^ AND you're not broken-hearted anymore! Yeeey! Bet your heart's jumping up and down right now, huh?" Chrissy cheered. DAMN! What is wrong with this girl? But I still love her anyway.


"Okay, first of all, I NEVER had A or THE chance. Second, because he NEVER notices me like, not even just one glance. Third, I was never broken-hearted. Why would I be? Its just a crush." I defended. Not even looking at her when I said the last sentence.


"You had a crush on him for who knows, how many years and you call that 'just a crush'?" I looked away. I hate it when Chrissy's being all serious. She's very bubbly all the time.


"Because I even call it LOVE, Lauren. TRUE LOVE."


"Well, it isn't true love when the other doesn't return back the feelings." And with that, I left. I didn't even bother going to class.


Instead, I went to the school garden at the back of the school. I think 98% of the school doesn't even know about this place except me and Chrissy. But mostly, I'm the one who goes here all the time. When I'm upset or doesn't wanna go to class. Chrissy even knows where I am when I am nowhere to be found but she doesn't come for me because she always understand that I wanna be alone.


I walked into the garden. Beautiful as always. When you walk in, there's an isle leading to a beautiful fountain surrounded by two benches on each side. And if you walk straight to the other side, it leads you to a big mango tree. Then behind it, is a very beautiful meadow.


I lied in the middle of the meadow and stared at the sky. Smiling at the beautiful weather. After seconds, I closed my eyes. Things running through my mind. And a person. Not just a person. ZAYN.


I've always been in love with this guy for so long, and there's never been a moment that my heart didn't skip a beat when he passes by. No moment when I don't light up when I see him. And no moment when he's not my inspiration. It sounds corny but its all true.


And seeing him together with Perrie all the time just literally breaks my heart. It was six heart-breaking months (She was his first love actually. </3) I just don't bother expressing it in front of someone. Not even Chrissy.


Every night, I always sleep with a tear streaming down my cheek. Why? Because it just hurts. Because I LIKE him. I freaking LIKE Zayn Malik. Yes, its not just a crush. Neither its LOVE. Its Infatuation. Just a plain infatuation for him that I've been hiding all my life. I don't want to call it LOVE. I just don't. Especially TRUE LOVE. That's just bullshit,


And all these years, while he's always busy searching for a perfect girl, I'm just sitting in the corner, looking at him and wishing that he'll notice me.


And now that he and Perrie broke up, I'm feeling happy yet at the same time, DISAPPOINTED. I'm always living up with the truth that he'll never notice a girl like me.


GOSH! My life is more dramatic than I ever imagined. So enough of Zayn, I got up and opened my eyes and wiped my tears. I didn't even noticed that I cried. I grabbed my iPod from my bag then put on my earphones. I played, "I Do" by Marie Digby then I lay down and stared at the sky as I sang along.


"I will make this clear,

I will always be here,

I love you, I do, I do..."


"So who do you love?" I sat up, SHOCKED. As I turned my head around to see who it is...


A/N: Sorry for the cliffhanger! ^_^ Who do you think it is guys? :))


Thank you for reading my fanfiction. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think. If many people hate it, then I will delete it immediately. There's no point of writing it anyway. But if many people like it, I will definitely continue this! 


I actually wrote this one 2 nights ago on my MEMO in my phone when I couldn't sleep at night. From 12AM-2AM in the morning. Listening to One Direction for inspiration! :D


I guess this author's note is too long. Sorry for my typos and grammatical errors. I also apologize for this crappy chapter but I did the best as  I can. I just want Lauren to express her feelings about Zayn. And sorry if I describe the garden and her outfit terribly. I would like to apologize in the middle of the chapter but I don't wanna ruin the moment :D


Well, byeee!


-ilovesherbet xxx

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