Pain - 1D

This is about a lonely girl, who thinks everything is against her. And she simply just can't take it anymore.. This just came to me one night i was a little sad and lonely. I just wanna warn you about my shitty english, but hope you would like to read it anyway, and might give some feedback.


3. Epilogue

It had never been Nialls intention to be so absent, it had never been his intention to be so oblivious. Everybody knew he loved his princess, everybody except her. The boys were tired of hearing so much about her all the time, but it didn’t stop him. He loved her. And now, now she was gone. Gone. He couldn’t believe it. He refused to believe it. She couldn’t just have left him. Maybe that was the reason he hadn’t cried. Yet. He knew he would cry when he realized she was gone. Like, really gone, like, never coming back. He would be heartbroken when he realized she was gone, and wasn’t coming back. He loved her so much, so much it frightened him. His fear had in the end pushed the love of his life away. There was nothing more he regretted, now, that he hadn’t collected the gut to tell her how much he loved her. But he was to scared of the powerful feelings he had to stand up for them, he didn’t dare to show the world his love. And now his cowardly fleeing had killed it all. He wouldn’t get any of it back. He had been to slow to grab it, her, and now it, she, had slipped out of his reach. He would never get the chance again.

Deep down he knew it would kill him. But he had to be strong for once. But what for? Now he didn’t have anything to stand up for, hadn’t anything to love. He hadn’t anything to come home to. Only now, when she was gone, he wondered why he hadn’t ever collected the guts to tell her he loved her. He still did. Now, three weeks after her funeral he told her every day, that he loved her, and he still did today. He visited her every day at her headstone and left flowers just to get the chance to tell her again how much he loved her. He was a coward. He felt like a stupid coward. Who was he to come, now, and tell her he loved her? She couldn’t use that.

He was so sad that for never telling the fans to back off and stop harassing his princess. What he regretted the most was never telling her he loved her, telling the world about his princess, the love of his life.

She was long gone now, and there was nothing he could do about it. He missed her so much the pain in his chest almost made it impossible to breathe. He would do anything to get her back. Everything.

He turned on his computer and went on twitter. He wrote one tweet.

‘Shame on you if you have ever thought anything bad about my princess. I love her.’

Then, he cried.



Okay.. This story was like.. I dunno.

I guess it's something I've tried to whrite a couple of times, but never finnished it. Now, I did. 

Heh. Well, I have tried to put a lot of feelings in it, but I dunno how that went. I guess I hope you will leave an comment? 

I wrote the Epilogue in Kota Kinabalou(Borneo, Malaysia) while I was on summer holliday. 

Anyway.. Hope I didn't let you down too much. ;)


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