What Now?

The life of Aniyah Simmons is an unfortunate one, but when her idol turns up out of nowhere and she gets offered a place in the school of her dreams, will she get there? Or will her controlling father ruin her chances to get somewhere in life?


5. Two Birds, One Stone...

"Well, looks like you are meeting Joanne Rowling, she's a very famous author, she writes a book series called-" Ma began to explain to us, but I cut her off.

"Harry Potter, I read them in the school library and watch the movies in the library at lunch time, I love her work..." I start to talk to Ma and my sisters about J.K. Rowling, they don't understand, I'm the only one in our family that shares the love of books and writing, that's what I want to be when I grow up, an author, but with dad around, I s'pose that's never going to happen.

We are all discussing how exciting it all would be when the house phone rings, **Bringgg Bringgg* it completely shocks us all because we don't normally have the money to pay for a phone bill, so the phone is normally disconnected. Mum answers the phone whilst handing us the cheque book, we can see that she paid for the bill with the money from kumquat jam.

After a hushed conversation in her bedroom with the door locked mum comes back and says that dad has been arrested for DUI (Driving Under The Influence), he was heavily drunk and was apparently dosed up on marijuana. He'll be kept in prison for two years with a minimum parole period of one year. We were all kind of excited and nervous at the same time, although we were overjoyed that we weren't going to have to live by dads rules for at least a year, we were nervous about how he would act when he got home.

"Niy, Ady, An, Ma!" We heard joyful screaming coming from the kitchen doorway and turned to find Janey standing there, in her flannel Pj's that were about three sizes too small, "Da?" She asked us, the look of confusion all over her face.

"Dad's gone, bub." Adeline explained, a look of joy spread over Janey's little face, she might be three, but she's not stupid. 

We all went to bed, knowing that for once, we were safe, completely safe for a whole year, and I get to meet my idol, in one week!!

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