What Now?

The life of Aniyah Simmons is an unfortunate one, but when her idol turns up out of nowhere and she gets offered a place in the school of her dreams, will she get there? Or will her controlling father ruin her chances to get somewhere in life?


4. The Phonecall

That night I was lying in bed next to Adeline, we had to share a bed because all the money dad makes is put towards crappy beer at the pubs, she wasn't asleep, I could tell by her breathing patterns, neither was I, but we both pretended to be for each others sake I think...

"Ad?" I whispered slowly, "Yeh Niy?" 

"I didn't enter the competition, I don't know why they called him, but he left his phone on the counter when he went for a drive, he won't be home til tomorrow, do ya reckon we could use redial to call them back?" I asked, struggling to keep the excitement out of my voice, Ad didn't answer me, she just nodded and hopped quietly out of bed, Anna was awake in the bed above us, we explained the plan and she crept quietly out, being careful not to wake Janey. We got into the living room, but we could hear voices coming from he kitchen, we exchanged panicked glances, all of us thinking the same thing- What if dad is already home? 

"Girls?" Ma called out softly, we all breathed a sigh of relief and kept walking into the kitchen, Ma was sitting at the counter-top waiting, clearly on hold, on the phone. We must've been unable to hide the questioning looks on our faces because Ma spoke again.

"I called the company back about the competition, apparently they were looking for a girl called Aniyah who didn't leave her phone number on the entry form, so they looked through the BDM records (Births, deaths and marriages) and found you, so they called dad, I'm waiting to see what the winner gets and if you can still be placed as the winner." Mum explained, I was shocked, really shocked, I just nodded, I think Anna could sense my mixed up feelings because she reached down and pulled me into a tight hug.

Suddenly there was noise on the other end of the phone, we all strained our ears to listen in on the conversation, not succeeding though...

"Yes, okay, thank you, you too." Mum ended the call and looked up.

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