What Now?

The life of Aniyah Simmons is an unfortunate one, but when her idol turns up out of nowhere and she gets offered a place in the school of her dreams, will she get there? Or will her controlling father ruin her chances to get somewhere in life?


1. Father...

Aniyah's POV

Walking along the narrow dirt road with the wind blowing my long aubury hair, a blue heeler is walking just behind me, on a thin piece of dirty rope that I stole from Pops rusty old Holden Ute. I can’t help thinking how amazing these days are, just Maya and I, we have the peace and serenity of a country road with the odd car speeding past occasionally. We wait in the grass for the car to pass, we could walk til’ sunset if we wanted to. Maya licks affectionately at my heels, so I stroke my beautiful puppy’s fur. We like the company of each other, no loud noises, no annoying three year olds, no stupid teenage girls sneaking out the back door to snog their boyfriends and no drunken old man coming home from the pub and yelling at us all.

If Pop ever knew that we escaped that dump everyday he’d whip our backsides with his black leather belt, the one with gleamin’ silver spikes on it. He likes to think that he has power over us all, I s’pose that’s what happens when there’s only one man in the house that makes all the money, while us girls just ‘sit at home on our backsides all day,’ as he puts it. He’s never around to know what we do anyway, he’s always at the pub, drinking fire whisky and sculling beer, the cheap kind of course, y'know, the one in the rusty tin cans that the local pub buys for the men who work all day and earn the money for their families. But my old man don’t bring no money home, he wastes it all getting drunk. That’s why we so damn poor! Our only cash is the money Ma makes selling jams and pickles.

“Whoa, Maya, see that there? That’s an old Holden Ute, kinda like Pop’s, must be Joneses, I know they were getting a Holden but I thought that theirs would be newer, they’ve got a lot of money compared to us.”

We keep walking and the Ute gets closer, still a couple hundred miles off though. I know that the old Ute will have to turn into Joneses soon cos’ their turn off can’t be far from where the Ute is now. I thought it was a few miles back meself but it mustn’t be, what business would an old Holden have at our place? The only Ute that comes to our house is Pops.

“Maya, quick, hide!” It had just dawned on me that the Ute was Pops and that it was Thursdy, the pubs closed on Thursdy!

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