What Now?

The life of Aniyah Simmons is an unfortunate one, but when her idol turns up out of nowhere and she gets offered a place in the school of her dreams, will she get there? Or will her controlling father ruin her chances to get somewhere in life?


6. Adventure!!

I woke up the next morning thinking that it had all been a dream, the bed next to me was empty and the ones above me were too, I jumped out of bed, pulling on a jacket at the same time and ran out to the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was that dad wasn't in the kitchen... Then I thought, what if that was real?

"Ma? Did, did that really happ-" I started to question, only to be cut off by Ma grinning and nodding her head, it was Friday so I had to go to school, I ran into my room and pulled on a pair of shorts, only to pull them off and put a dress on instead, dad had never allowed us to wear dresses because they showed too much.

When I got back to the kitchen to have brekkie I was completely confused, Ma was still standing there smiling, so were Janey, Anna and Ady.

"What?" I asked slowly, confused at the fact that no-one was getting ready...

"Honey, I got a call from Miss Rowling's manager, they want us all to come down now and go shopping, completely paid for, hotel, flights, clothes, make-up, everything!" Ma explained, as her grin got wider and wider.

I was so shocked that I stood there, mouth open, for another five minutes before Janey came over to me and pushed my mouth up, laughing, I shot back into my room and threw my satchel down. When I pushed the bedroom door open I found two angry teenage girls... I suppose that's what happens when you lock them out of their room while you pack, change your clothes five times and silently fangirl for more than an hour...

Then the war began...

"I'm going in first!" "No, I'm oldest, I am!" "No, you're going to take for-ev-ver!" "Nah!"

"Girls! You can both pack at the same time, then Anna-Marie you can come into my room to get changed while Adeline gets changed in the room! Okay? And Aniyah, watch Jane-Elle!" Ma shouted angrily from her room, I sighed and wandered into the living room, finding Janey upside on the couch.

"Come on Janey, lets play a game!" I announced in a baby voice, she nodded, grinning, as we played 'Simon Says' at least five times I could hear the other two packing, then I heard two doors slam, assuming that they had both started to get dressed, I went back to my game with Janey. 

About half an hour later I was halfway through playing hide n' seek with Janey when the doors opened and Ma, Anna and Adeline stood there all dressed up in their dresses ready for the day. I rushed into our room with Janey and began throwing things in her bag, then I gave her a pretty pink dress with flowers on it that had been at the back of our closet. She put it on and danced out into the kitchen, when I finally followed her out I was met by a man in a fancy black tuxedo, with a little red bow at the neck. He led us outside and into a limo, gasping I hopped in, welcoming the plush velvety seats... The car started and we were off, starting our little adventure...

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