Harry and the princess school

When you are at work and can't control what your little sister is doing... You're up for a fun time as Harry Cox may notice when his little sister Gemma enters him in a lottery to go to a princess school. When he comes there he gets to know that he is much more than he thought he was.


1. Prologue




The soft tones of an equally soft tune could one cold February morning be heard outside the door of Anne Cox. Said woman had been eating breakfast when the melody started and she immediately recognized it from her childhood home.


She walked up to the door, that was muffling the sound, with confusion clear in her eyes. Her hand reached out to grab the knob, but it hesitated right above it.

‘Should I really open it? What if they came here to ban me?’

She asked herself in her mind. She closed her eyes in thought as the tune carried on.


All kinds of pictures from her past and possible futures flashed past her eyes and she took a deep breath.

When she let the air escape her lungs again she had made a decision. She had probably already made that choice as soon as the tones hit her ears, but now she was conscious of it.

Her hand reached the last bit and she quickly turned the knob, opening the door.


When the door was no longer closed she didn’t see what she had expected. She thought that the ones at her door would be her sister, and possibly her husband and child too.

What she found instead was a lump of cloth and a music box that was responsible for the sound this chilly morning. Anne leant down to take a look at the two objects, and she jumped a little when she could hear a whimper from the grey-stained white cloth lump that was the closest to her.


She reached out and gently she moved a tucked in corner so that she could see what was inside. The woman’s brown eyes met big and tired green pools. A gasp escaped her mouth as she quickly picked the little one up.

“Did she just leave you here?”

She asked as if the small child would be able to answer her question. She was about to walk inside as she remembered the little box that was now restarting the tune again. As she reached for it she noticed a small slip of paper in it.

 She balanced the baby on one arm while she took the paper into her free hand. As she read the paper her eyes became full with tears since she knew the meaning behind the words.


“Take care of our Harold.”

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