Wrong kind of defiance

I do not own any defiance characters or places metioned in this story!!!

You know the story of defiance right? Wrong, Because what if Nolan and Irisa never lived on earth, What if aliens did? And the aliens never took over, The human race did? What if the irathient's wanted to kill every single human being and the humans along with the help of irisa, The little wolf, who will potentially wipe out a whole population of her own kind just for Nolan? This is the story of when Irisa and Nolan go on the biggest mission yet, To save and conquer earth. Forever.


9. We need help.... NOW.

Chapter 9.

Irisa couldn't stop crying for the whole time they walked to the roller. Nolan held her tight in his arms and he knew that she was in a very bad shape. He knew he needed some kind of doctor but the problem was that Irisa was a alien, And doctors refused to heal non-Humans. Nolan couldn't simply let his daughter cry everyday so he had to come up with a plan to get her in a good shape once again. She had to be broke in every bone she had. Nolan couldn't show her how worried he really was because she was freaking out as it was. Her seeing that her own adoptive father is freaking out would only make matters worse, For the both of them. He finally reached the roller and opened the door and carefully let her into the roller so she was secure and wont cause any more damage where she was lying in the chair. Nolan then carefully shut the door on her and jogged around to his side of the roller and sat down. He looked at Irisa and realized her facial markings were sticking out and was paler than normal. Nolan knew from many years of raising Irisa that her a pale white color was not good. He started the roller and drove down the dirty streets of Boulog looking for a suitable doctors or anyone who would help him and Irisa before things got really bad, And before she lost it along with Nolan's patience....

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